#Superwrap Day 1, Malta

What an exciting and adventurous first day on the stunning Mediterranean island of Malta – Super League Triathlon is in town and we are covering some ground.

The athletes and SLT Team were invited to the Office of the Prime Minister, Joseph Muscat for an official reception and welcome. Co-Founder and CEO Michael D’Hulst gave an introductory few words before Prime Minister Muscat formally welcomed Super League to Malta. The visit ended with Richard Murray and Katie Zaferes presenting the Prime Minister with a framed Super League jersey signed by all the athletes. A symbol of our commitment to Malta and its long term inclusion in our global championship series.

VALLETTA, MALTA – OCTOBER 24, 2018: during a tour of the old town of Valletta during the Super League Triathlon Malta on October 24, 2018 in Valletta, Malta. (Photo by Darren Wheeler/Super League Triathlon)

Our local guide took our athletes to explore the city of Valletta, the ancient walled capital of the Mediterranean island nation. Clear blue skies lit up the stunning city as we meandered through it’s bustling streets and ancient architecture. The athletes had a chance to get a real sense of Malta as a destination through its ambience, aesthetic, history, people and cuisine.

VALLETTA, MALTA – OCTOBER 24, 2018: Emma Jeffcoat of Australia swims as Katie Zaferes of USA rows the boat during the super challenge regatta race during the Super League Triathlon Malta on October 24, 2018 in Valletta, Malta. (Photo by Tom Shaw/Super League Triathlon)

After enjoying the local cuisine, it was time for our fastest two swimmers, Henri Schoeman and Emma Jeffcoat to challenge the Maltese National Regatta in a high stakes race. The rowing boats taking on our swimmers are part of a bi-annual National Regatta to commemorate the withdrawal of the British Troops and the Royal Navy from Malta and Victoria Day respectively. Two of our athletes joined the boat captains and rowed hard while our leading swimmers gave them something to chase in the water – it was quite an event!

Emma Jeffcoat was swimming against Katie Zaferes in boat one – with a 100m sprint to a turning point before a dash back to the finish line. Katie took the lead in the boat but lost valuable time at the turn around and Emma was able to hold off for the win. One nil to the triathletes.
Henri Schoeman then swam against Hayden Wilde in boat two. The same course so it was all about the turn around, could Henri hold off Hayden to make it two nil to the triathletes…? Unfortunately not as Hayden relied on his New Zealand heritage with its history of rowing prowess to beat Henri by some margin.
One all on the water.

Coming up next…

Tomorrow we have an action packed day of community outreach, including visits to two local primary schools and a spectacular trip to the tranquil haven of Gozo island.

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