Super League Malta: Mount Malta Ready to Claim More Victims

One of the most feared and anticipated features of Super League is about to give athletes sleepless nights again as Malta Mount prepares to wreak havoc with the Pro field.

The fierce climb, which the Pros will have to tackle eight times on the bike and four times on the run in Saturday’s Semi-Finals alone, is set to smash legs to smithereens.

And the lucky 15 men and women who make it through to the Final on Sunday have to endure even more of it.

They will have a 3.5 lap individual time trial on the bike before then launching into the Shortened Enduro format as they did the previous day – so a further eight times up Malta Mount on the bike and four times on the run if they are to finish.

The swim start being on a different level to the finish line is one of the things that makes the Malta race circuit so unique and entertaining.

Some of the power athletes choose to try and make their breaks on the way up as Vincent Luis did on the run last year when he finally shattered the resistance of Henri Schoeman.

Others are coyer and try and utilise downhill sections to make a mark.

But whatever the tactics, when it’s full gas as Super League demands it is a tough hill that has ruined the races of numerous top athletes down the years.

Don’t miss a second of the action as the Pros battle it out in the Semi-Finals on Saturday and the Finals on Sunday. Click here to see all the action unfold!

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