Super League Malta 2019: Women’s Start-List

Katie Zaferes and Cassandre Beaugrand are ready to resume battle at Super League Malta.

Beaugrand produced a stunning display to inflict a rare defeat on Zaferes at RBC Super League Triathlon Jersey 2019, taking full advantage of the weather affected course with high winds leading to the cancellation of the bike.

There are unlikely to be any such problems in Malta as the Equalizer format comes into play, which will place greater emphasis than ever on the bike.

Though the women’s field has suffered from a few withdrawals due to injuries the majority of the big guns are in play and ready to do battle, including Rachel Klamer who impressed by winning her Semi-Final in Jersey before coming third in the Final.

The coloured jersey’s will be worn by:

Pink: Cassandre Beaugrand

Green: Rachel Klamer

Red: Katie Zaferes

Blue: Sophie Coldwell

Grey: Yuko Takahashi

  1. Katie Zaferes
  2. Rachel Klamer
  3. Cassandre Beaugrand
  4. Taylor Spivey
  5. Summer Rappaport
  6. Yuko Takahashi
  7. Leonie Periault
  8. Kerry Morris
  9. Felicity Sheedy-Ryan
  10. Olivia Mathias
  11. Elena Danilova
  12. Claudie Simard
  13. Megan Foley
  14. Sophie Coldwell
  15. Angelica Olmo
  16. Alice Betto
  17. Lisa Perterer
  18. Ilaria Zane
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