Perfectionist Luis Eyes Winter Of Discomfort

Vincent Luis Super League Triathlon champion

Vincent Luis is already eyeing a tough winter as his relentless drive for perfection shows no sign of letting up.

The Frenchman has enjoyed a remarkable 2019, being crowned Super League and WTS champion.

He has backed that up by winning both of the first races of the 2019/20 Super League Championship Series to put himself in a commanding position at the top of the leaderboard.

Luis and his partner, fellow Super League star Taylor Spivey, are going to enjoy a short holiday to recharge the batteries.

But then it is straight back to work for Luis who hopes 2020 can be even better.

He said:

“I won everything this year. I’m World Champion, I am leading Super League with a comfortable gap on second so I’m super super happy and I can’t ask for more.

“Next year is really important with an Olympic medal and I’ve never had an Olympic medal and never been close to having one so I will do my best for next year but for sure I’m on top at the moment and the others will be working hard to bridge the gap so it will but a tough winter – but first holidays.”

Having looked fairly comfortable at RBC Super League Triathlon Jersey 2019, Luis didn’t have things entirely his own way in Malta.

A difficult time trial in the Final gave Kristian Blummenfelt the chance to pile on the pressure and Luis made a rare admission when he confessed he wasn’t sure if he had run out of gas at the end of a long season.

But once the finish line was in sight he delivered again.

He smiled:

“I’m so happy. I felt it was the end of a really long season and after only one run I was really struggling and thought if Kristian goes on the bike I will be really exhausted and I don’t know if I can sprint with him.

“He tried to drop me with 1km to go but I resisted and as I always say when I can see the line it’s not a good for the guy with me and from 200m I went all out and he wasn’t with me anymore.”

Luis v Blummenfelt could become a fantastic Super League rivalry but Luis joked:

“Last year was Henri, this year is Kristian. I hope nobody is coming next year and it can be a bit more peaceful because it’s super tough to win.”

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