Klamer’s Delight At Remarkable Resilience

Rachel Klamer was delighted to come through a tough few weeks to claim second place at Super League Malta.

Klamer suffered from an illness following RBC Super League Triathlon Jersey and then felt an issue with her ribs in the immediate build-up to Malta.

There were some doubts over whether she would even be able to start the race, but she not only did that but performed in empathic style.

She said:

“I’m happy but even before the race I felt horrible and even the day before it was all game face, but my legs were feeling so awful.

“I told my coach I hope it is somewhere here, but my legs were feeling bad so from the start it was one big struggle.

“I was honestly very happy that I didn’t feel any injury but the issue was I got sick a about a day after Jersey and was sick for a week and a half and didn’t do any speed work.

“I got here early to do some speed work and on the day I was meant to do some speed work I woke up with really sore ribs and didn’t know what it was so couldn’t do anything that day.

“All I could do were some sprints the day before and I don’t think that was very beneficial to do that but I gave it my all and I am happy that I could even do this.”

Klamer is becoming a much more consistent and polished performer and her showings in Jersey and Malta have proven she has plenty to be optimistic about heading into 2020 with the Olympics and an extended Super League calendar ahead.

She smiled:

“It’s awesome. I’ve improved my run this year and I know on my day I can potentially be there and looking towards the Olympics I know I have to tweak some things to hopefully be there one day.”

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