Blummenfelt Glad To Bounce Back

Kristian Blummenfelt bounced back to form to push Vincent Luis to the wire at Super League Malta.

By his own admission the Norwegian was disappointed with his ninth placed finish at RBC Super League Triathlon Jersey 2019 and had plenty to prove heading into the last race of the year.

He did exactly that as he used his bike power up Malta Mount to secure a Semi-Final victory and cause all manner of problems to his competitors in the Final.

In the end Luis proved just a little too strong in the closing stages of the run but it was still a satisfying performance for Blummenfelt.

He said:

“That was tough, especially on the last run shoulder-to-shoulder with Vincent, and basically for the whole run.

“I knew that I couldn’t really let him take the lead because if I’m just staying at his feet he will beat me in a sprint so I just really tried to push up the hill with a lap to go but I just wasn’t able to do so.

“I saw the race last year with Schoeman and Vincent and I have lost to Vincent a few times in a sprint before so I knew I had to start early and I tried to really push the pace on the bike to make it even longer.

“He was too strong on the hill as well.”

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