#Superwrap Day 2, Mallorca

Today was an exciting day in the world of Super League Triathlon (SLT) with challenges, experiences, new strategy implementation, and a detailed question and answer session with two of triathlons biggest stars.

Our day started with both the Green Jersey holders being presented with their race suits for the weekend. It just so happened that the Green Jersey holders are also partners and we had an SLT first with the male and female top bikers also being romantically linked. So Rachel Klamer and Richard Murray had just made SLT history! On top of that they also happen to have the same race numbers…We did some more digging into the stats behind SLT and it is very clear to us (and to them – but they’re a little more guarded about their secrets than we are) that they are quite simply two of the best in the world at transitions. We quizzed them about how they had reached this level when it came to the fourth discipline, but as mentioned above, getting their secrets out of them was harder than getting blood out of a stone. So, we decided to move the goal posts and have some fun with the process and devised the SLT Transitions Challenge. It would be a savage test of transition skill that only the finest most dialled in performers would get through in tact! The starting line was set and when the timer went off they had to launch themselves to the first box and put on a mask and snorkel, then rush to a stationary bike and complete ten revolutions of the pedals with the mask on, before dismounting and running to the next box which contained flippers…Flippers on they had to cross another line fully kitted up before getting back to the finishing line as fast as possible.

It was frantic with Richard going first and Rachel doing the timing, 33:36 was the best he could muster. Rachel was up next and she seemed more in control, pushing the boundaries of the rules but in true SLT style never crossing the line. With a time of 30:87 Rachel easily beat Richard in the Transition Challenge!

The fun continued when a small group of triathletes travelled to Sa Punta, Gastrobar and Restaurant, close to the Rafa Nadal Centre. Here they met with the head chef and his team and proceeded to undertake a SuperChef Challenge, split into two teams and taught how to make local specialities. One team consisted of Hayden Wilde, Erin Storie, and Jack Felix with the opposing team being made up of Summer Cook, Jonas Schomburg, and Megan Foley. An international cast all learning how to make sweet and savoury crepes alongside two different types of risotto. Packed with local ingredients and bright colours the dishes took shape under the watchful eye of the restaurant staff as the triathletes tried to match the standards set by the beautiful restaurant.

The end results were spectacular and the athletes were blown away by what they had created with the expert tuition provided. It was close but in the end it was Hayden’s team that were crowned SuperChef Champions and with it the bragging rights for the rest of the evening.

Sa Punta is one of Mallorca’s finest restaurants both in terms of cuisine and setting, if you’re visiting the island it is a must visit without question.

Later in the afternoon SLT had arranged an optional Progressive Muscle Relaxation session given by our on site psychologist Beata Justkowiak, herself an ex-athlete, professional psychologist and life coach. This is a session inspired by Edmund Jacobson, all around understanding the difference between tense muscles and relaxed muscles in a fully experimental way to combine body and mind training. This was an example of the kind of back room support SLT gives to it’s star performers.

In the early afternoon it was time for some of the younger tennis stars based in the Rafa Nadal Centre to give some of our athletes a coached tennis session. Klaudia Sebok, Daniella De Francesco, Luke Schofield, Matthew Sharpe, Emma Jeffcoat, Nathan Killam and home hero Mario Mola all had something to to take from the session given by the teenagers. It was a true reflection of the quality and professionalism of the coaching given by the Rafa Nadal Centre to its younger stars to see how well they took on the challenge of coaching our athletes. A total role reversal and a very special thing to see – the future tennis stars will be produced by this incredible sports centre.

In the evening it was time for something very special for the local athletes and some of the children training at the Rafa Nadal Centre. SLT had arranged a Q&A session with Carolina Routier and Mario Mola where they would get the chance to engage with the stars in an intimate setting.

The questions were broad and covered everything from training tips to mental strategies with the younger members of the audience asking questions on some really interesting and thought provoking topics. Carolina and Mario could not have been more gracious with their time, answering all of the questions posed and staying behind for photos with everyone that had attended.

Another packed day was complete and our SLT athletes had enjoyed every second of it. The Rafa Nadal Centre and its staff had provided us with so much to do and so much to experience.

Tomorrow is a new day and we are all looking forward to what unfolds.

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