#Superwrap Day 1, Mallorca

The Super League Triathlon (SLT) train has rolled into Mallorca ready for the second of our back to back Championship Weekends. An astounding setting awaits us on a course that will test the athletes in different and even more brutal ways.

A private charter flight saw our group safely out of Malta and into the arms of Mallorca, where we have set up base camp with our partner the uniquely placed Rafa Nadal Sports Centre. With its state of the art facilities and optimised sporting pedigree, the centre is perfectly set up to house our world class triathletes, giving them everything they need to prepare in comfort for the weekend’s challenges.

Whether you need an early morning gym session or a late night swim, the centre is designed with every single sporting endeavour in mind. World class facilities coupled with world class support, no stone is left unturned when it comes to elevating athletes of all ages and abilities.

Our superstars started the day with a game of padel – a racquet sport played in doubles on an enclosed court a third of the size of a tennis court, but the court has walls so the balls can be played off them as in the game of squash. Totally new to this concept, our athletes took up the challenge and got stuck in but just when they thought they were getting the hang of it the gauntlet got thrown down. Miguel Ángel Nadal arrived to take on the athletes as they adapted to the new sport, uncle to Rafa whilst an elite performer in his own right, Miguel and his usual training partner were both handy with a racquet and soon took our triathletes to task. We’re pleased to say they held they’re own though with Yuko Takahashi even being named MVP!

Later in the day the centre’s hosts took it upon themselves to give SLT a private tour of the Rafa Nadal Museum, starting with some time to play in the games room with the assortment of high tech toys. The virtual reality simulators were a big hit, with a rollercoaster and skiing simulation experience amongst the broad range of options. A head unit and a serious level of bravery is all that was required for these white knuckle rides! Also boasting an F1 simulator and a full size virtual reality pen where you can test your tennis skills against the man himself – Rafa Nadal! Our athletes had to try them all, taking it in turns to experience all of the different options.

Downstairs from the games there is an exhibit section with all of Rafa’s trophies and a virtual introduction from Rafa. It’s in this room where you’ll find memorabilia donated to the museum from some of the worlds most iconic names in sport. Miguel Indurain’s 1995 Espada, Fernando Alonso’s F1 Championship winning Renault, and sporting memorabilia from some of the world’s biggest names. You’ll even find a tennis kit donated by Roger Federer.

An experience like no other, with visual sporting history at every turn the Rafa Nadal Museum is a must see for any true sporting fan.

As a centre of excellence the Rafa Nadal Sports Centre also houses the Rafa Nadal Tennis Academy. Values are at the centre of everything they do, following the example of its founders the focus is not only sporting excellence but also global citizenship and contribution. Two of our athletes, Tyler Mislawchuck and Sarah Alexander, took time to speak to students aged 12-16yrs about their own journey to world-class sporting status sharing their experiences. The reaction of the students was incredible with total engagement and some very thoughtful questioning.

The evening of the first night ended with a bit of fun for both the athletes and the SLT team as they all took part in a trivia night. Questions were designed around the stunning location of Mallorca and all that it offers, there was plenty of laughter and light hearted ribbing as everyone took time to decompress from the journey and settle into the new location.

The week ahead is going to be packed so pay attention to all of SLT’s social media channels and join us on the journey towards the next Super League weekend.

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