Super League Mallorca Age Group Enduro: Slt Mixes Age Group With Spanish Tri Legends

Super League Triathlon (SLT) has kicked off the racing in style with the Age Group Enduro. Spread across two days, with the same format on each, it consists of swim-bike-run-swim-bike-run X 2 on each day.

With 12 teams taking on the challenge, splitting the stages as they see fit, it was truly fantastic to see representation from across the spectrum of triathlon taking to the start line.

Lucy Richardson from the United Kingdom was nervously looking forward to the race as she planned to use it as a launchpad to her winter of racing abroad.

“I’m excited to be here and to be part of the atmosphere SLT provides. It’s so good that the Age Groupers get to race on the same course as the pros, I cannot wait for the challenge! I’m off to race in Asia for the winter so this is the perfect warm up.”

SLT Co-Founder Chris McCormack was also fronting a relay team with some serious firepower. Macca would complete the swim before passing the baton to two time Olympic Gold Medalist Alistair Brownlee on the bike, with the SLT Lead Commentator Will McCloy anchoring the team home on the run. Will was overjoyed to be racing with two of the sports most well known names.

“I just can’t believe I’m racing on the same team with these guys, it’s a bit of a dream for me.”

As the start came close it became clear there was one team that everyone was fearing…fresh from Kona, Javier Gomez had entered a team into the Age Group Enduro. Javier was to be joined by Mario Mola who was returning from a recent injury, and Mario’s brother Lucas Mola. So the stage was set for a showdown between Macca’s team and Gomez’s.

Becks Bruhwiller from Australia came to toe the line and find out what she was made of, little did she know she’d be facing some of the greatest triathletes the world has ever seen.

“This is what happens when you come to an SLT race, you enter for a bit of fun, and before you know it you’re neck deep in the action. Everyone is so friendly and supportive, I’ve been posing for photos with Javier as we warmed up together, and this really feels like I’m part of something special.”

As soon as the gun went off it was a fight to the first buoy with Gomez fending off Macca who was fading fast. The excited field of Age Groupers were getting one hell of a draft off the leaders, barely able to contain their excitement as they fought for position going into the bike.

As the race unfolded the competitors spread across the course soaking up the atmosphere from the roaring crowd. Nothing in the world of triathlon comes even close to the experience of racing with SLT. We are here for everyone, from the first timer, to the seasoned pro, we will see you through your race and make every second count.

Current World Champion Vicky Holland was on hand to support the Age Groupers, and enjoy the racing. 

“It was really fun to watch with a lot of stuff happening, everyone had a lot of fun, and it set the day up well.”

Age Group Enduro Results:

  1. Team 6 (Gomez, Mola, Mola)
  2. Team 2 (Goldovskii, Rostyagaev)
  3. Team 8 (Chikin, Hayes, Philip)

Special Mentions:

4th Team 5 (McCormack, Brownlee, McCloy)

5th Team 7 (Bucek, D’Hulst, Gilliam)

10th Team 3 (Boguslavsky, Shimanovsky, Sitnikov)

11th Team 10 (Bale, Glueck, Hodgkinson)

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