Super League Mallorca Age Group Enduro: A Royal Flush, Or Russian Revenge?

Time for the Age Group Enduro final. Could the team of champions containing, Gomez, Mola, and Mola hold off the charging Russian duo of Goldovskii and Rostyagaev? The Russian pair would give it everything they had to try to pass the leading threesome.

Super League Triathlon (SLT) followed the pro heats with the final of the Age Group Enduro. Spread across two days, with the same format on each, it consists of swim-bike-run-swim-bike-run on each day.

The weather has improved even more for the Sunday’s racing, and the crowds were out in force once again giving the field the support they need. Mallorca has fallen in love with SLT with everyone on the course getting a lift from the passionate locals.

The 12 teams that raced were showing no signs of fatigue going into the second day. Enthusiasm filled the air as they lined up to decide the final order.

Down the field others were also fighting for gains of their own, Jenna-Caer Seefried from Canada was hoping to build on yesterday’s performance, and use the presence of the triathlon greats to enhance her form.

“Yesterday was amazing, my team did really well, and I really enjoyed the experience. Today I’m going to be taking some tips from how Gomez approaches the race, and see if I can improve. It’s not often you get this kind of experience. SLT has really provided the goods.”

Ross Welton from the UK had a new plan of attack for his run leg having lost some time the day before.

“Today I plan to go hard from the start, yesterday I tried to measure my efforts, but today it is truly on!”

The Rafa Nadal Sports Centre had included a team of their own to take on the tough relay course.

“A great experience for all of us to be involved in, it was amazing to be in the same race as world champions, and to be having so much fun with other competitors.”
Ivan Roig, Rafa Nadal Sports Centre

The race was tough with the leading two teams fighting hard at the front, drama hit immediately when Lucas Mola took a wrong turn on the bike going right to the top of the hill rather than turning half way up. The second place team followed Mola leaving Fintan Kennedy of Team 12 at the front. Fintan joked post race,

“it’s all about keeping your eyes on the prize, and taking opportunities when they come up.”

Suddenly the champions had a deficit, and were fighting from behind. Mola had to dig really deep to reel the leaders back in, just in time for the run.

The race was on going into the run with Gomez having a tiny lead over the fast moving Russians.
Despite a valiant effort the Russian duo didn’t manage to catch the leading triathlon heroes. Gomez, Mola, and Mola crossed the line arm in arm to take the win for the second day in a row. Mario Mola was stoked to have been involved in the SLT weekend.

 “A tough day today as well, harder than expected, but exciting. I hope everyone had as much fun as we did.”

Some of the professionals racing this weekend also took the time to watch the team relay, Hayden Wilde was quick to say how much he enjoyed it.

 “It was interesting, exciting, and I find it inspiring to see the weekend warriors hit it out with current world champions, and be contenders.”

Wherever you are in the world, seek out the opportunity to come and race alongside iconic names in the sport at an SLT event. We don’t do things by half, and you never know you might find yourself out sprinting Javier Gomez!

Standings After Saturday

  1. 1st Team 6 (Gomez, Mola, Mola)
  2. Team 2 (Goldovskii, Rostyagaev)
  3. Team 8 (Chikin, Hayes, Philip)

Age Group Enduro Results Sunday

  1. Team 6 (Gomez, Mola, Mola)
  2. Team 2 (Goldovskii, Rostyagaev)
  3. Team 12 (Kennedy, Kennedy, Kennedy)

Final Results

  1. Team 6 (Gomez, Mola, Mola)
  2. Team 2 (Goldovskii, Rostyagaev)
  3. Team 8 (Chikin, Hayes, Jarvis)
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