Cameron Wurf Wants Super League Triathlon Return After Tough Debut

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Cameron Wurf says he would like another crack at Super League Triathlon after admitting he underestimated the speed of the world’s most exciting race formats.

The INEOS Grenadiers rider and multiple Ironman winner took a Wildcard spot at Super League Triathlon Malibu, and though his expectations were not sky high, he did not think to be eliminated after Stage 1 of racing.

Wurf confessed that was a chastening experience, but it hasn’t put him off returning to Super League in the future, only this time with the knowledge of what he needs to do to succeed and more specific preparations.

Wurf, who is now Kona bound to compete at the Ironman World Championships, said: “Honestly, I had no idea they had that intensity off the line. I just wasn’t prepared for it, and unfortunately I didn’t get a second crack at it as I was eliminated. I would love to try it again and have a proper crack.

“It’s amazing the speed at which they do everything – swim, bike and run and transition. They are a different breed and it’s been awesome being around them and given me a different energy as I prepare for Kona. I am pumped up now to get stuck into training and come out and bring a bit of Super League to Kona.

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“I keep striving to be better and my coach always says it’s better to do things you don’t want to do. I probably wouldn’t have done this but I had the opportunity and would have felt like a sissy sitting up in Santa Monica watching it on TV. I got my teeth kicked in but that’s alright. It makes me want to train harder and be ready for Hawaii.”

Wurf had felt confident of not getting shelled in the swim, partly due to it being in the sea, conditions he is comfortable with having grown up in Australia.

“The whole thing around it, getting your transitions ready, being on the start line. I didn’t warm up because I thought I would have time after preparing transitions to have a swim,” he laughed.

“I got off the beach really well and gave Hayden an elbow in the ribs and got through the surf and once I was through the swell they put on the afterburners, I was shelled out the back and didn’t see anyone again.”

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