Super League Triathlon London: Managers Make Their Pontoon Picks

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Super League Triathlon’s SLT Teams managers completed their first ever pontoon draw this afternoon ahead of the opening race of the 2021 Championship Series in London on Sunday.

As part of the new innovation of SLT Teams, the squads will start from blocks of four on the pontoon together.

The Team Managers picked numbers at random to decide the order to pick. The SLT Sharks were first out for the women and Michelle Dillon opting to send her women off from an extreme end position to head directly to the first buoy with Annie Emmerson second out and taking the spot next to her.

For the men it was Vincent Luis, standing in for manager Chris McCormack ahead of his arrival in London, who got first pick and took the second block in with Tim Don’s selecting next for the Eagles and taking the centre slot.

The teams can decide between themselves which positions to take within their block.

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Whatsapp Image 2021 09 04 At 14.59.18

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