Fan Team Gets First Pontoon Slot Selection Of 2022 Super League Triathlon Championship Series

Superleague London Championships 2022 Team Photos Dw 0012 (1)

SLT Cheetahs Fan Team got the very first pontoon pick of the 2022 Championship Series in London.

Fan Team owners were able to rank their preferred positions ready for the random order draw and the SLT Cheetahs were selected first, meaning they got the first choice of starting positions for their female athletes.

That was to take pontoon slots 5-8 in a bid to get to the first buoy ahead and try to race for a Short Chute.

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Bahrain Victorious Scorpions ended up with the same slots for both their men and women, with Chris McCormack consulting with team members fresh out of the water from swim familiarisation at West India Quay. They took the nearest spots, 1-4.

The SLT Sharks were unluckiest of all the team, as they were drawn last on both occasions, meaning they got what was left. On both occasions that was the middle of the pontoon and slots 9-12.

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