Super League stars inspire the next generation

Super League athletes were busy leaving a legacy in Jersey as they visited local schools to meet children, answer questions – and show off their dancing skills.

Former St Clement’s Primary pupil Ollie Turner returned to his old school to a hero’s welcome while the children also had the chance to meet defending Super League champion Katie Zaferes and Commonwealth Games gold medalist Jodie Stimpson.

The trio joined in a health and science session on heart rates, answered questions for the children and were even convinced to show off their dance moves.

Turner produced a floss, Zaferes the peg leg and macarena while Stimpson stole the show with a remarkable worm, much to the delight of the children.

The visit was one a huge number of outreach visits being made by athletes in the build-up to RBC Super League Triathlon Jersey 2019 which takes place on 28-29 September.

Defending women’s Super League champion Zaferes loved her morning with the kids and smiled:

“It was super fun being here at the school and the enthusiasm of the kids was infectious and it was a great way to get ready for the weekend.

“I hope it was inspiring for them and at the same time I feel inspired by them.”

All of the athletes were handed letters written to them by the children as part of the build-up and Turner had another surprise when his mum, a teacher at the adjoining nursery school, popped in to say hi.

St Clement’s headteacher, Richard Heaven, said:

“We hope it will inspire them. Ollie Turner shows our children that anyone of them sat there on the floor today can aim high and achieve the same things.

“Super League has also been inspirational for the staff as eight will be doing a sprint, Enduro or a relay.”

There were also athletes visits to other schools on Jersey with Marten Van Riel and Olivia Mathias going to Le Rocquier while Megan Foley and Hayden Wilde stopped by De La Salle.

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