Super League Enjoys Record Breaking Year In Jersey

RBC Super League Triathlon Jersey 2019 has delivered record breaking figures as the event’s massive growth continues.

The popularity of the race weekend as a global sporting spectacle has pushed Jersey to the forefront of the minds of a worldwide audience and is unlocking potential new tourists.

Key figures include:

  • Super League Triathlon generates a potential 2.7m new tourists for Jersey
  • Four in five Jersey residents believe Super League has a positive impact on their local community
  • Global TV reach grows to 1.6 billion as Super League showcases Jersey to a worldwide audience
  • Social media reach expands to 22 million in race week alone

Detailed representative surveys carried out after the event in the key tourist markets of France and the UK showed that 9.7 per cent of the French population watched the racing and 5.5 per cent in the UK with 24 per cent of those saying they are now more likely to visit Jersey as a result, a potential 2.7m extra tourists.

Some 59 per cent of UK viewers and 61 per cent of those in France were new to Super League while a survey of Jersey residents showed that four in five believe it has a positive impact on their local community, which is significantly higher than for other major international sporting events.

Nearly half of all residents surveyed say they will consider entering a Super League event next year despite 91 per cent not currently participating in triathlon while more than one per cent of Jersey’s population registered for RBC Race for the Kids, raising valuable funds for Mind Jersey while also getting fit.

There was a 141 per cent growth in participants for the Age Group events. While those had to be cancelled due to adverse weather conditions around 30 per cent have chosen to roll their entries to next year with the others either receiving a refund or donating their entry fee to charity.

There was significant growth in the TV market with audience reach expanding to 1.6 billion via 55 broadcasters in 185 territories.Social media saw a 30 per cent increase with a reach of 22 million over race week while web traffic grew 17 per cent with a 34 per cent growth in streaming via the Super League website.

Super League’s PR strategies delivered content with a global online readership of 730 million to further enhance Jersey’s sporting reputation around the world while participation also soared.

The addition of the Junior races provided some new and exciting competition with boy’s winner, Simon Henseleit, competing in the second race of the 2019/20 Championship Series in Malta after winning a chance to compete in Pro Semi-Finals in Jersey and remarkably making the cut.

The thrilling Pro races were maxed out with 54 entrants as the world’s best showed they were desperate to come to the Channel Islands to compete as Super League and Jersey once again proved a winning combination.

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