RBC Super League Triathlon Jersey 2019: Women’s field

Katie Zaferes is back and ready to begin the defence of her Super League title – but knows she faces some serious competition as the 2019/20 Championship Series kicks-off in spectacular fashion.

RBC Super League Triathlon Jersey 2019 is set to deliver a thrilling weekend of racing with the best female athletes in the world set to do battle.

Zaferes has been all-conquering in both Super League and the WTS Series and is the red-hot favourite for Jersey.

However, not only does she face a serious challenge from those with Super League pedigree such as Rachel Klamer and Cassandre Beaugrand, but a whole host of others.

The women’s Qualifiers are packed with up and comers desperate to make a name for themselves and with nothing to lose while the Wildcards include the Olympic silver medallist, one of the world’s most in-form athletes a host of other big names.

The Start List consists of:

Ranked Athletes (last year’s Top 10): #1 – #10

Qualifiers: #11 – #17

Wildcards: #18 – #27

Kirsten Kasper will be missing the first race of the season through injury, and Ashleigh Gentle will not be racing this edition of the race.

  1. Katie Zaferes
  2. Rachel Klamer
  3. Cassandre Beaugrand
  4. Taylor Spivey
  5. Summer Rappaport
  6. Yuko Takahashi
  7. Emma Jeffcoat
  8. Leonie Periault
  9. Kirsten Kasper (DNS)
  10. Ashleigh Gentle (DNS)
  11. Sandra Dodet
  12. Kerry Morris
  13. Felicity Sheedy-Ryan
  14. Olivia Mathias
  15. Zsanett Bragmayer
  16. Claudie Simard
  17. Megan Foley
  18. Georgia Taylor-Brown
  19. Sophie Coldwell
  20. Vicky Holland
  21. Carolina Routier
  22. Luisa Baptista
  23. Vittoria Lopes
  24. Alice Betto
  25. Emilie Morier
  26. Annamaria Mazzetti
  27. Ilaria Zane
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