Channel Islands Rivalry Set To Grip RBC Super League Triathlon Jersey 2019

It’s the friendly rivalry which is set to become the talk of triathlon.

Jersey will go head-to-head with Channel Islands neighbour Guernsey in a thrilling contest as the ‘race within a race’ at RBC Super League Triathlon Jersey 2019 captivates a local as well as a worldwide audience.

Ollie Turner of Jersey and Josh Lewis of Guernsey will be the centre of attention for spectators in St Helier on 28-29 September despite lining up against the world’s highest profile triathletes.

That’s because they will be competing in front of their family, friends and home fans hoping to secure local bragging rights.

The pair train together with British Triathlon at the National Performance Centre in Cardiff and have become firm friends – even if that will be left to one side when they get on the start line.

“Ollie and I are great friends,” insisted Lewis. “We knew each other before we both came to train in Cardiff and we both went to the Commonwealth Games together in 2016.

“He’s come of age this year and is having a good season and solid results, but I haven’t been able to convert until the Island Games where I beat him relatively convincingly which was nice for Guernsey-Jersey rivalry.

“We are very supportive of each other but of course there is that competitiveness. It is friendly otherwise we wouldn’t be able to train together but we are at a relatively similar level which is a nice rivalry to have.

“Of course, there will be no love lost when we are out there. Everyone is a competitor when you step on to that start line. You don’t really think of friendships when you’ve got oxygen deprivation!

“You are just battling for yourself and we will be going out there to beat each other any way we can.”

The whole of Jersey and Guernsey are set to be enthralled by the rivalry, even at a corporate level with Turner an RBC Brand Ambassador and Lewis occupying the same role for Ravenscroft.

“When I first got to Cardiff, I knew Josh a little bit already because he was the top triathlete in Guernsey. With the Jersey rivalry I had always thought I need to keep an eye on this guy,” laughed Turner.

“When I was looking at Universities, I knew Josh was in Cardiff and so I contacted him and he told me so many positive things about the place and the training here. This is one of the best British Triathlon squads in the UK. I’m just so happy.

“There was never any bad blood between us. We are Jersey and Guernsey, but we hit it off and he made my first year at Uni so much easier and I can’t thank him enough.

“But he did beat me at the Island Games and so now Super League is a chance to get my revenge!”

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