Beaugrand and Klamer dominate in Women’s Semi-Finals

Cassandre Beaugrand and Rachel Klamer stormed to victories in the women’s Semi-Finals at RBC Super League Triathlon Jersey 2019.

Group A was dominated by Beaugrand who produced a stunning victory to finish ten seconds ahead of defending Super League champion Katie Zaferes.

It was the quickest of the two Semi-Finals race over the Shortened Enduro format with two rounds of swim-bike-run with nine of the 15 athletes that made the cut for Sunday’s final featuring in Group A.

The Top 5 in both groups were guaranteed their spots, with the five fastest other times also making the cut.

That meant all nine finishers in Group A – Beaugrand, Zaferes, Sandra Dodet, Vicky Holland, Taylor Spivey as the top five along with Yuko Takahashi, Emilie Morier, Annamaria Mazzetti and Vittoria Lopes – made it through.

In Group B, in which there were seven finishers, Emma Jeffcoat made the cut in sixth – despite having to ride almost the entire second bike leg with a flat tyre. Group B’s top five were Klamer, Sophie Coldwell, Olivia Mathias, Luisa Baptista and Carolina Routier.

Beaugrand and Klamer’s victories mean they both get the Short Chute advantage to take on one run leg of tomorrow’s Final, which adds another round of swim-bike-run in the full Enduro.

Beaugrand said:

I felt good on the swim and I tried to push all the way and I am happy today. I really enjoy the Super League circuit so I am very happy. I think it is my distance. I think it is one of my best performances. The crowd was amazing and I think it will be the same tomorrow and I really hope I have a good race.

Klamer said:

It was a little bit of a surprise to me that everything sticked together for quite a long time but in the end it was a good battle with the top six. It was a lot of fun. I was quite fast in transition and in a normal race it’s important but not as important as this type of racing so I gave it a bit of extra sprint when I ran out of transition. Beforehand I thought I wouldn’t want to try and win and save some energy for the next day but I was running in the front and thought ‘tomorrow’s another day.

The 15 qualifiers for the Final:

  1. Cassandre Beaugrand
  2. Katie Zaferes
  3. Rachel Klamer
  4. Sandra Dodet
  5. Vicky Holland
  6. Sophie Coldwell
  7. Taylor Spivey
  8. Yuko Takahashi
  9. Olivia Mathias
  10. Luisa Baptista
  11. Carolina Routier
  12. Emma Jeffcoat
  13. Emilie Morier
  14. Annamaria Mazzetti
  15. Vittoria Lopes
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