Super League Triathlon Champion Georgia Taylor-Brown Reflects On An Emotional 2021

Georgia Taylor-Brown Female Champion 2021

Georgia Taylor-Brown says she cannot quiote believe her amazing finish to a draining year.

The British star has had to deal with issues on and off the race course during 2021, but wrapped up her season with an Olympic gold and silver medal and the Super League Triathlon 2021 Championship Series title.

She is now ready for a break to try and take in what she has achieved.

“I am done for the season,” she smiled. “It’s been an emotionally draining and physically draining year so I will refocus and then look at starting to collect Olympic points again next year.

“I just need time to process what I’ve achieved this year in sport and my personal life so I think it’s time to just step back from triathlon for a few weeks, process it all, take it in and realise what I’ve achieved and be proud of what I’ve achieved and let it sink in and enjoy time off with friends and family.”

Taylor-Brown’s consistency won her the day. Though her good friend and British Olympic gold medal winning Mixed Relay teammate Jess Learmonth won all three events, GTB’s four second place finishes bagged her the title.

Super League London Womens Race

“It’s definitely more than I expected,” she confessed. “After such a high from the Games I wasn’t sure how I was going to come off of that so I’m very happy with coming away with the overall title.

“I’ve been second every single time. It is a shame I couldn’t take at least one win but I’ve been pretty consistent. I have had a few setbacks in the races but I’ve managed to claw back and finish second in the end.

“There have been so many embarrassing moments. Falling off in London was embarrassing. I shouldn’t be doing that with the amount of dismounts that I’ve done.

“Falling off again in Jersey and making small mistakes like that is embarrassing but you learn from them.

Georgia Taylor-Brown crash Jersey 2021

“Finishing off in Malibu I don’t think I made a mistake so I have learnt every single time.”

Taylor-Brown admitted it was hard to initially celebrate as she felt for Learmonth.

“It’s a weird one and we haven’t really talked about it. I apologised because it’s strange. When I was told I had won the Series I didn’t think about it at the time and I wasn’t super happy at the time because it felt strange to take it from Jess and almost unfair.

Super League Triathlon 2021 Jersey Womens Race

“I am happy with it but it’s just a bit of a strange feeling. We are still friends anyway.

“I have really enjoyed it. I was lucky to be able to go home a couple of times as I am a home bird and would have struggled to be away the entire month but it’s been nice to come away to these races and spend time with people you wouldn’t usually get to spend time with and train with people you wouldn’t normally train with.”

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