Emotional Georgia Taylor-Brown Relieved As Disqualification Overturned At Super League Triathlon Jersey

Super League Triathlon 2021 Jersey Womens Race

A tearful Georgia Taylor-Brown admitted she rode an emotional rollercoaster after successfully appealing her disqualification to finish second at Super League Triathlon Jersey 2021.

The British star, a double Olympic medalist, mistakenly thought she had been awarded a Short Chute and took it on the final run.

As she then went to complete her last lap she was informed she had been disqualified, but opted to complete the race and even made up the distance she had incorrectly cut.

After the event, she appealed the decision and Super League’s Technical Committee met to review the rules and reinstated Taylor-Brown, while also promising to clarify the rules ahead of the final event of the Championship Series in Malibu.

“I was upset and angry and confused as I didn’t really understand as I heard we had Short Chutes each and I took it and was then told I was eliminated,” explained Taylor-Brown. “When I saw I was eliminated with one lap on the run I had come so far that I thought I should finish the race off no matter what and I’m glad I did! There was no catching Jess anyway so it didn’t make a difference.”

Super League Triathlon 2021 Jersey Womens Race

“I heard it was because I took the Short Chute and so I thought if it was about the distance I could make it up on the run. I wanted to do everything possible to say I had done everything I could do. I really appreciate Michael (D’hulst, Super League CEO) listening to us and making the decision to overturn it.”

The Short Chute made little difference as Taylor-Brown was well behind Learmonth at the time she took it and was well clear of the pack racing for third.

An official statement from Super League Triathlon explained the situation. It read:

Georgia Taylor-Brown has been awarded second place at Super League Triathlon Jersey 2021 following an appeal to the Technical Committee. Georgia was disqualified for incorrectly taking the Short Chute. However, she made up the distance before the end of the final run and it did not interfere with other athletes. Super League’s Technical Committee will meet again this week to ensure the rules are clarified for future races.

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