Championship League

The Super League Triathlon Championship Series is the pinnacle of professional triathlon. We have brought together the worlds greatest endurance athletes, masters of swim, bike, and run, and created the most valuable, prestigious, and far reaching series the endurance world has ever seen. With the biggest TV and content distribution network alongside the largest international prize purse in triathlon, we truly are the new standard.

The Championship Series is spread across multiple Championship Weekends, ‘Rounds’, which are found at some of the most beautiful locations around the world. A Round will crown a champion based on their performance across the unique race formats for that weekend Each athlete gains points for their placing in each Championship Weekend, and at the end of the season these accumulated points are totalled to decide a winner.

TIE BREAKER – In the case of a tiebreaker in the League Rankings, the Athlete with the best result in the FINAL RACE of the Season will finish ahead of the other Athletes in the League rankings.

90 SECOND RULE – Competitors must also be aware of the 90 second rule which will keep them on their toes at all times! During a stage, any athlete behind by 90 seconds or more will be eliminated! The exact time or position of this elimination may vary ROUND per ROUND depending on the actual design of the course.

SHORT CHUTE – Is an earned advantage equivalent to bonus seconds but physically taken in the race. The time of taking the short chute is a tactical decision by the athlete

How it works

Super League Triathlon is structured around SEASONS with a typical season running between late September and April.

Each Season will have multiple ROUNDS held at different venues around the world over the course of a Championship Weekend. Each ROUND will have multiple RACES chosen from the list of Super League Triathlon Formats and each RACE is broken down into STAGES.


The SLT Race Event in Jersey was ROUND 1 in Season 18. ROUND 1 had 2 RACES: the Triple Mix and The Eliminator. Each RACE had 3 STAGES.

Point system


The PRIZE MONEY PER ROUND is awarded according to the below table as per the final standings at the end of each ROUND. The LEAGUE PRIZE MONEY is awarded according to the below table as per the standings at the end of each SEASON.

Prize Money per Round
League Prize Money
$ 50,000.00
$ 25,000.00
$ 8,000.00
$ 6,000.00
$ 4,800.00
$ 3,500.00

Race Events


Super League’19 Europe


Super League’19 Final

28.9 - 29.9 2019

Super League’19 Saint Helier, Jersey

19.10 - 20.10 2019

Super League’19 Birgu & Bormla

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