Jonny Brownlee Reveals How SLT Arena Games Will Be Different To A Normal Triathlon

Jonathan Brownlee is competing at the SLT Arena Games

Jonny Brownlee says he is fit and ready to race the SLT Arena Games.

The 30-year-old two-time Olympic medallist is one of the roster of star names already confirmed to take place in the debut event in Rotterdam on August 23.

Brownlee admits he cannot wait to get back to racing again after lockdown and is delighted Super League’s new concept will give him the opportunity.

He said:

It has been a strange time for everyone, let alone us athletes. The routine of training and racing has been disrupted and so I think it’s brilliant that SLT have been able to organise a competitive race.

I’m really looking forward to it, I’m fit and healthy, I have been training well, and it will be great to get a race in.

The event will be a mixture of in real life racing and virtual triathlon with Super League partnering with Zwift to deliver the cutting edge new concept.

It’s not exactly what the stars of world triathlon expected to be doing at this stage of the year, but something that provides a pathway for the future of the sport.

Brownlee said:

To be honest, it’s great just to be racing. I would choose a normal triathlon if I could, but I think it will be interesting because it’s inside, a pool swim, we will have a bit of technology to rely on but some flat out racing.

Brownlee admits there is plenty for him to work on in preparation for an event that takes place in a pool, on Tacx smart trainers and self-powered treadmills – the most pressing of those being to get back in the water

Well I haven’t swum in a pool for 3 months, so yes. I’m hoping to be back in a pool at the end of the month. Also, I will give the treadmill a few goes to see how it feels to run race speed on that.

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