Prize Money: Huge Payday For Alex Yee At Super League Triathlon 2021

Superleage Malibu 2021

Alex Yee’s late surge to take the Super League Triathlon 2021 Championship Series title saw his earnings spike to an impressive $120,000.

After two rounds of racing Yee had secured just $15,000. But despite not winning a discipline jersey his two back-to-back victories, which secured him the title, and being a leading member of the SLT Eagles saw him top the prize money table for the men.

Hayden Wilde was the next highest earner with $104,500, which included $20,000 for winning the run discipline.


  1. Alex Yee: $120,000
  2. Hayden Wilde: $104,500
  3. Jonathan Brownlee $73,000
  4. Vincent Luis: $61,000
  5. Vasco Vilaca: $47,000

Jonathan Brownlee earned $73,000 while one of the major winners was Seth Rider.

Superleage Malibu 2021

The young American had barely picked up a pay cheque worthy of the name in his short career before Super League, but walked away with an impressive $41,500 for his month’s work.

Rider secured the bike jersey, contributed to the SLT Eagles and also picked up a couple of race results which added another $6,500 to his prize purse. It is proof again that Super League offers opportunities to aspiring athletes that they cannot get elsewhere.

Matthew Hauser secured the swim discipline in the final event to make $34,000.

The SLT Teams concept ensured every athlete earned prize money in a bid to support those developing and competing but not at the very top end of the field. In the men’s field there were five athletes who would have earned no prize money were it not for SLT Teams.

The chief beneficiary was Marco van der Stel who has $15,000 to take into his retirement despite not earning any points for his SLT Eagles team.

Superleage Malibu 2021

Here is the full prize money breakdown for the men who competed throughout the Series:

  • Alex Yee: $120,000
  • Hayden Wilde: $104,500
  • Jonathan Brownlee: $73,000
  • Vincent Luis: $61,000
  • Vasco Vilaca: $47,000
  • Seth Rider: $41,500
  • Matthew Hauser: $34,000
  • Marten Van Riel: $26,500
  • Max Studer: $16,500
  • Marco van der Stel: $15,000
  • Shachar Sagiv: $14,500
  • Tayler Reid: $12,000
  • Kenji Nener: $11,000
  • Mario Mola: $10,000
  • Alessandro Fabian: $8,500
  • Jonas Schomburg: $7,500
  • Aaron Royle: $6,500
  • Jacob Birtwhistle: $5,500
  • Tamás Tóth: $5,000
  • Jannik Schaufler: $2,500

In addition, Super League also pays all travel, accommodation, food, physio, mechanic and marketing support for athletes throughout the Championship Series and supports its ambassadors throughout the year to ensure they are treated as genuine professionals.

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