Prize Money: Georgia Taylor-Brown And Jess Learmonth The Top Two Earners In Super League Triathlon 2021

Super League Munich 2021

Just one point separated Georgia Taylor-Brown and Jess Learmonth in the Super League Triathlon 2021 Championship Series standings and the two dominated the list of athletes earning the most prize money taking home $276,000 between them.

The pair were well clear of the next highest earner, not only in the women’s field but also the men’s.

Taylor-Brown’s four second place finishes, securing the run discipline jersey, the Championship Series title and second pace in the SLT Teams standings saw her bag $140,000 for her work in September.

Superleage Malibu 2021

Learmonth may have missed out on the trophy at the last, but three wins, the bike jersey and being part of the title winning SLT Eagles contributed to earnings only $4,000 shy of her friend and teammate.

top five female earners: Super league triathlon 2021 CHampionship Series

  1. Georgia Taylor-Brown: $140,000
  2. Jess Learmonth: $136,000
  3. Katie Zaferes: $52,500
  4. Vicky Holland: $43,500
  5. Beth Potter: $42,000

The SLT Teams concept ensured every athlete earned prize money in a bid to support those developing and competing but not at the very top end of the field. In the women’s field there were seven athletes who would have earned no prize money were it not for SLT Teams.

Superleage Malibu 2021

The discipline jerseys also contributed. Vittoria Lopes secured $35,000, despite being eliminated before the end of every race, by virtue of winning the swim jersey, which also helped her SLT Eagles to the title and added another $15,000 to her winnings.

Here is the full prize money breakdown for the women who competed throughout the Series:

Georgia Taylor-Brown: $140,000

Jess Learmonth: $136,000

Katie Zaferes: $52,500

Vicky Holland: $43,500

Beth Potter: $42,000

Vittoria Lopes: $35,000

Taylor Spivey: $28,500

Cassandre Beaugrand: $26,500

Leonie Periault: $16,000

Sophie Coldwell: $15,000

Non Stanford: $14,500

Ilaria Zane: $10,000

Emilie Morier: $10,000

Simon Ackermann: $7,500

Gillian Sanders: $7,500

Rachel Klamer: $7,500

Maya Kingma: $7,000

Anna Godoy: $5,000

Yuko Takahashi: $2,500

Valerie Barthelemy: $2,500

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