Super League Jersey was an incredible success. Our Television broadcasts to 147 countries, nearly 250 videos posted on social media and over 400 posts of written content have grown our engagement by 40 % overall, proving that there are millions of people who are looking for a real engaging experience in the sport of triathlon, who crave the intensity, grit and thrill that Super League Triathlon offers. Our successful media output has created momentum in our sport and we have a following that is loyal, fierce and dedicated to Super League Triathlon.


Jersey Island was an incredible experience, and after our event wrap-up we have analyzed our content and how it is distributed. Super League Jersey was broadcast in 147 markets, resulting in a reach of 375 million viewers all over the globe. With only 10 hours of live and highlight broadcasting, our reach amounts to 625,000 viewers for every single minute of race coverage across our television reach.


Despite a small budget and a short window of time, our numbers prove that we pulled off this gigantic feat with your engagement and support every step of the way. Our reach on social media grew to nearly 1 million views of videos on our media channels from our near 130,000 fans. We focused on giving snapshots of our events on Facebook and Instagram and were so pleased to find that our reach grew by 625,000 on Facebook and our impressions grew by nearly 3 million (33%) on Instagram. Each of our 421 Press Releases and content posts on social media had a minimum of 8500 of you sharing and engaging with us on a personal level resulting in a total of 3.55 million views of our collective releases. In total, your engagement and love for Super League Triathlon has grown our value to over 12.5 million dollars.



Super League Triathlon is the most engaging and audience-focused global triathlon brand, and the gold standard for competitive racing. We continue to read into our analysis to provide our fans with events and coverage that will keep your eyes glued to your screen in our coming events. Thanks for all your support, and let’s continue the revolution of triathlon together.