Macca’s Predictions: Will The Brits Dominate In London?

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It’s crunch time in the Arena Games Triathlon powered by Zwift World Championship Series.

With the likes of Beth Potter and Aurelien Rapahel having made their moves, it is now up to some of the other big guns to put points on the board at the sold-out London Aquatics Centre to ensure they have a chance of being crowned triathlon’s first ever esports World Champions in Singapore next month.

The eyes of the home crowd will of course be on the Brits – and what a line-up of stars there is. Alex Yee knows he needs to improve in front of his adoring fans, while Georgia Taylor-Brown and Jess Learmonth enter the fray for the first time.

Who would dare to call such exciting racing? Chris McCormack of course. Here’s Macca’s Predictions:

women: embarrassment of riches for the brits but i back jess

The Brits coming in mean it’s going to be an all-British affair at the top, especially with the non-drafting component on the bike. I am looking for Jess Learmonth, who absolutely owns this style of racing. That big swim and an amazing ability to ride solo means that the non-drafting component will suit her a lot.

Transitions will be imperative so I would give Beth Potter second. I think Jess will get enough margin on the bike to hold on for that 1km run, but Beth’s transitions, as we saw in Munich, were just spectacular and she is polished across the disciplines. I also think she has more in the tank despite those record runs in Munich.

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Georgia Taylor-Brown, the Super League Triathlon Championship Series winner, I think will come third. Georgia has a big asset in her swim, but the non-drafting bike makes an interesting match race and maybe Beth can run through her.

An outsider for me is Cassandre Beaugrand, who is just coming back to that style of racing.

  1. Jess Learmonth
  2. Beth Potter
  3. Georgia Taylor-Brown

men: Can alex yee take down aurelien raphael?

It’s a tight affair but you have to go with momentum in this style of racing and Aurelien Raphael was flawless across the disciplines in Munich. He has refined his transitions, his swim was next level and he’s a bigger athlete with incredible bike power and his run is on point, so I think he will set this event up and win two from two.

I think Alex Yee will be second. This non-drafting format I think will suit Alex a lot. His swim could be off by one or two seconds but the drafting meant he got isolated on the bike, as did Marten Van Riel which cost him the Series. This won’t happen with a non-drafting format.

Superleague Arena Games, Munich 8/4/2022

Alex’s power to weight ratio was one of the highest in Munich so he can time trial well and hold that difference.

Third I am going to go with Justus Nieschlag. Again it’s really momentum, but I also think Gordon Benson will be close and Max Stapley will be in there and I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets third.

  1. Aurelien Raphael
  2. Alex Yee
  3. Justus Nieschlag

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