Macca’s Predictions: Who Will Win The First esports Triathlon World Championship Titles?

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With World Championship titles on the line and wide open racing the Arena Games Triathlon powered by Zwift is set for a spectacular finale in Singapore.

There are eight athletes who go into the weekend knowing that victory would secure them an inaugural triathlon esports World Championship crown.

But with an open water swim and hot and humid conditions, there are even more variables to take into account when trying to pick a winner.

So, who is brave enough to stick their neck out and take a punt? Of course, it’s triathlon legend and SLT Co-Founder Chris McCormack. Here is his take on this weekend:


The big difference between Singapore and the other Arena Games events is the open water swim and that is very different from the pool swimming.

Position around the first buoy is key as physics says two pieces of mass cannot occupy the same space. That will mean there will be body lengths between athletes so those who have a big swim can set it up.

That means Aurelien Raphael, Max Stapley, Justus Nieschlag, Marten Van Riel and Chase McQueen have the power over Alex Yee. Alex could be fifth or sixth after the swim so with a long run to transition it could be detrimental.

Jg Superleague Triathlon Arena Games Munich 2022 Mens Final 0612

Hayden Wilde will be around the Alex Yee position. He has incredible power on the bike but his amazing bike skills are not of use in this format.

Marten Van Riel had a terrible blow up in Munich, but I think the open water swim will suit him.

Because of the big swim I have Aurelien to be my favourite even if the statistics suggest he is not. Justus and Marten will be right in the mix next to him.
Marten has a lot to prove now and Justus has a remarkable style of racing and slick transitions.

Alex is fighting for a podium position. I hope he will come up there, but Chase and Gordon Benson may get in the way.

  1. Aurelien Raphael
  2. Marten Van Riel
  3. Alex Yee


The same thing applies for the women with the swim.

Beth Potter has been remarkable in the pool but has not translated that into the open water. I think she may get caught out a little bit because there is so much swim power, but I am happy to be corrected.

Cassandre Beaugrand has walked away from winning a world title which gives Beth a clean run.

I think the swim suits Jessica Learmonth and Georgia Taylor-Brown and they will benefit from big swimmers like Zsanett Bragmayer and Lena Meissner.

Djw 4028

This could all do the same to Beth as to Alex and give the transitional advantage to Jess and Georgia.
Beth Potter’s entire day will depend on that first stage and setting up that first swim as she could struggle in the second swim, so she needs that margin of error.

I am going to go with Beth Potter to win it just ahead of Jess Learmonth and Georgia Taylor-Brown.

  1. Beth Potter
  2. Jess Learmonth
  3. Georgia Taylor-Brown

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