Prize Money: Who Could Earn What At Super League Triathlon Grand Finale In NEOM?

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Titles, glory, team triumph and $1.4m are all on the line as the stars of Super League Triathlon gear up for one last hurrah in the 2022 Championship Series Grand Finale in NEOM.

While there are the obvious headline grabbers such as Georgia Taylor-Brown, Taylor Spivey and Hayden Wilde gunning for glory, there are also plenty of other athletes with their own achievements in sight.

And in a sport where many athletes struggle to make a living, Super League provides not only the biggest global platform on which they can shine, but also the chance to win the kind of money that helps them remain as true pros.

So what is to play for in NEOM? We take a look at what a few of those at the very top, and a few of those bubbling below, could earn if they have a good day on October 29.

Hayden Wilde: $185,000

Three wins and a third place finish mean that Wilde has already banked a cool $70,000, making him the current leader in the Super League earnings table for 2022. That figure will be topped up to $85,000 by the fact he has assumed an unassailable lead at the top of the run Discipline Leaderboard.

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Wilde heads into NEOM as the favourite to win the Grand Finale, and to take the Championship Series title. He is also in a tight tussle at the top of the bike Discipline Leaderboard, while the SLT Sharks head the Teams Leaderboard as well. Should he have one last perfect day, he will walk away with $185,000.

Georgia Taylor-Brown: $160,000

The defending champion was the highest earner in the 2021 Championship Series with $140,000, and Taylor-Brown could beat that figure this time out with a big Finale in NEOM.

She has won $60,000 so far, but victory in NEOM, which would also deliver her another Series title, would bag her an additional $70,000. Taylor-Brown has a narrow lead at the top of the bike Discipline Leaderboard, while Bahrain Victorious Scorpions are in the hunt for the Teams Leaderboard too. Securing all of them will win her $160,000 for her 2022 efforts.

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Taylor Spivey: $137,500

Like Taylor-Brown, Spivey has already banked $60,000 for her 2022 efforts – and it could get much better.

Spivey earned $28,500 in 2021, and could eclipse that by a whopping $100,000 depending on how NEOM goes. She does not have the potential earning power of Taylor-Brown, as she is not in contention in any Discipline Leaderboards. Also, in the Teams Leaderboard the Rhinos are battling to try and finish third.

Should Spivey take the win, and therefore the Championship Series crown, and in the process help the Rhinos into midtable, she will secure $137,500.

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Jamie Riddle: $35,000

The South African is really making a name for himself in this year’s Super League Triathlon Championship Series, and is in prime position to secure the biggest payday of his career.

He only has $8,500 so far secured, but if he can finish with one of the top three swims of the day in NEOM he will win the swim Discipline Leaderboard, and with it a $15,000 bonus. He is ninth in the current Overall Leaderboard. A ninth place finish in the race and then in the Overall, plus the Eagles climbing to third, would bump his pay packet very nicely.

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Beth Potter: $78,000

It hasn’t been the title winning Series that Potter may have hoped for, but even so the Brit has hung tough in difficult moments to keep ticking along and sits fourth in the Overall Leaderboard heading into NEOM, a race with conditions and a format that may really suit her.

She is only three points back of Sophie Coldwell in the Overall, four points back of top spot in the run – if she records the fastest run split in NEOM then she secures the $15,000 – and can help the SLT Sharks to the Teams title.

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Should Potter finish third in the event and Overall, and do the rest of the above, then she will bank $78,500. That will be quite some comfort for her.

Emma Jeffcoat: $45,000

Few athletes have more to potentially gain, or lose, than Emma Jeffcoat.

The Aussie has been an important part of the Bahrain Victorious Scorpions, and yet has not picked up a single dollar in prize money so far. However, her potential earnings sit at $45,000 after NEOM. So it’s a very big day indeed.

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Jeffcoat is in contention for both the swim and bike Discipline Leaderboards, each of which carry a $15,000 reward. If she records the fastest swim split then Jeffcoat needs Cassandre Beaugrand to fail to come second or third to take the prize. In the bike, she is just four points behind Georgia Taylor-Brown, so has more leeway if she can win on the day.

Contributing two eight point Discipline hauls would also be huge for the Scorpions, and could help them to the title, and an additional $15,000 for her efforts. All told, a fast 300m swim and 4km bike could earn her $45,000.

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