Macca’s Verdict: Schoeman And McQueen Too Fast For Iden While Potter And Beaugrand Will Set The Pace

Arena Games Triathlon Montreal 2023 Mens Fiinal

In a fast and furious format such as Arena Games Triathlon powered by Zwift unpredictability is part of the fun.

That means few are brave enough to stick their necks out and make the big calls.

That’s why ahead of the Arena Games Triathlon final in London we asked a real expert, triathlon legend and Super League Co-Founder Chris McCormack to give us his insights into how the racing will play out.


This Arena Games has shown it is a very special form of racing.

It has been great to see Henri Schoeman back and now we see Gustav Iden racing. I just think Schoeman with Chase McQueen up front will set a good swim tempo that will benefit them over Gustav Iden. I think he can finish in that top group but with that Ironman work and because he’s always been a bit clumsy in transitions these are things you pay for in Arena Games racing that you don’t in longer racing. The speed through transitions of the likes of Schoeman and McQueen will give them the upper hand.

Gustav Iden_Superleague-Malta-20-10-19-Mens-Equalizer-FINAL-5487

I will go out on a limb and say I think Henri Schoeman will get this. He looked magnificent on the treadmill in Switzerland, his swim is very strong and he seems committed and back. Chase will be right there pushing him.

It is so great to see an athlete of Henri’s caliber back after everything he has been through and he’s building success and momentum from Arena Games and we know his ability to perform.


Gina showed her run is magnificent and she has all the qualities to win it. She has done a lot of work and is really enjoying this form of racing and her speed is so good.

I am talking here to potentially win the Series, but when it comes to winning this race in London Beth Potter is in sizzling form. She came off that win in Abu Dhabi, that first World Series win, and looked incredible. We know she is capable of winning Arena Games racing and she is the one to beat and it’s a home race for her.

Beth Potter Superleague Triathlon Arena Games London 2021 London Aquatic Centre Womens Race 27th March 2021 0249

It’s hard to go past Cassandre Beaugrand. We originally thought the longer legs on that treadmill would allow athletes to pick up speed and she has shown she can run ridiculously fast and off a really big swim that tends to set her up.

I have just got this feeling that this is the time for Beth Potter. She is such a gritty racer, so committed to racing every time she pins a number on and I think she will love the fact her form is in place. Her and Cassandre will set a pace that will be very hard to beat and the rest of the field will be trying to hang on.

Superleague Arena Games London England 23 04 22 London Aquatics Womens Final Chris Sansom98

I think Gina and Zsanett will be close enough because of the talent they have and their swiftness through transitions.

Fanni Szalai was remarkable in Switzerland and has the arsenal to do amazing things, but the intimidation of those big athletes up front may be a deciding factor, but in this style of racing it is close, technical, transitions and swift movement are key, as is the swimming which helps athletes like Beth Potter better than the open water.

I really feel like anything can happen so this will be great racing.

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