Macca’s Predictions: Could Beaugrand Help Taylor-Brown To Victory?

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The tensions are rising ahead of Super League Triathlon’s French debut in Toulouse as the athletes prepare for one last push for superiority ahead of the Grand Finale.

The fourth race of the Championship Series throws up some intriguing questions – will Cassandre Beaugrand be back on form after her last outing in Munich? And if she is will she go for the jugular or help teammate Georgia Taylor-Brown seal victory and a leading position in the Overall Leaderboard?

And can Hayden Wilde avoid disaster and take another big step towards the title? Are Matt Hauser and Vasco Vilaca contenders, or battling for second?

We asked triathlon legend and Super League Co-Founder Chris McCormack for his predictions.

Men: hayden v hasuer again?

For the first time in the Series I am going to back Hayden Wilde.

I think the momentum is there. Matt Hauser will be very tough to beat, but I think Hayden is showing some form and will like this format.

Superleague London Championships 2022 Mens Elite Dw 0107

Even though he has been ill, I think Vasco Vilaca will come third.

I am not sure how Jonny Brownlee has recovered from Malibu otherwise he would be in the mix. On my outsider’s list would be Jonny and Shachar Sagiv after the momentum he built in Malibu.

  1. Hayden Wilde
  2. Matt Hauser
  3. Vasco Vilaca

women: could beaugrand help gtb take the win?

It is the return of Cassandre Beaugrand, she is racing at home and is very strong on French soil where she feels comfortable. If it’s dry Cassandre will beat Georgia Taylor-Brown. I hate saying that because Georgia is a form athlete and probably my favourite female athlete on the world circuit right now and they are both Scorpions, but Cassandre at home and without the travel to Malibu may have the edge.

To round out third position I think Taylor Spivey. Georgia and Cassandre have the team momentum to potentially push out Taylor Spivey because the Series is on the line and Georgia needs the results.


Whether Casssandre will assist Georgia from a team perspective in that points could also be a team order, or at least for them to split it.

Outsiders are Miriam Casillas Garcia and I keep bringing up Non Stanford’s name and the other women may be asking why but in her last year I think she wants to go out with a bang.

  1. Cassandre Beaugrand
  2. Georgia Taylor-Brown
  3. Taylor Spivey

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