Hauser Vows To Fight On After Damaging Malibu Crash

Superleague Champs 2022 Malibu Pro Men Dw 0150

Matt Hauser has vowed to continue fighting to try and win the Super League Triathlon Championship Series despite his disastrous crash in Malibu.

Hauser went into the third round of the Series top of the Leaderboard and was in a commanding position when he crashed his bike and ended up getting swiftly eliminated from the race.

It ranks as one of the most shocking moments in Super League history, and with Hayden Wilde coming through the field to pick up the win, it looks to have handed the New Zealander a clear path to the title.

However, as Hauser’s crash proved, Super League is unpredictable and so a bruised Hauser insisted he would fight on until the very end.

He said: “I am licking the wounds right now. It’s just a few scrapes and bruises, but mentally it’s a little bit damaging.

Slt Malibu 2022 Men Tz 242

“We have a bit of a break before Toulouse and I will get back to the drawing board before Toulouse.

“This will hurt my chances to win it but I will fight tooth and nail until the end.”

A gutted Hauser added: “It’s an emotional rollercoaster. You are on the road, living with everyone, living and breathing triathlon. We call it the travelling circus, but it is.

“Credit to Hayden. He was always going to be the one to beat leading into this.

“I am proud of Shachar (Sagiv) as well. He has been battling for fifth and sixth so I’m stoked for him to get on the podium.”

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