Delighted Nener Claims A ‘Breakthrough’ Performance

2022 Superleague Toulouse France Pro Men Dw 312

Kenji Nener has described his podium performance at Super League Triathlon Toulouse as a “breakthrough” moment.

The Japanese racer delivered on his SLT promise in style to finish third behind Hayden Wilde and Dorian Coninx in front of the huge crowds in Toulouse.

Nener was buzzing after the event and the 29-year-old admitted a long career of hard work had finally come together.

He said: “By far this is the best race I’ve had in my career and it makes it so special with such an amazing crowd out in Toulouse.

“I am so grateful for all the support I have received over the years. It’s been like a rollercoaster but I’m glad to finally put a big step forward in my career.

“I have been around the marl but I haven’t had the race that has shown I can fight with the world’s best and this was a massive breakthrough for me.

2022 Superleague Toulouse France Pro Men Dw 090

“I was close in Munich and then had a shocking race in Kazakhstan and then I built up to this. Words can’t explain how happy I am.

“I am so grateful to enjoy this moment with my friends and family watching online and for the experience and to everyone who has made this possible.”

Nener became the first Japanese man to secure a Championship Series podium, and also the first male member of the Bahrain Victorious Scorpions.

“We are overshadowed by the phenomenal female athlete we have in the Scorpions squad, and it’s been amazing what they have done to even put us in the race for the overall lead,” confessed Nener.

“I can’t say anymore but I am so grateful to be a part of their team. They are amazing and I am grateful to do something from my end to contribute to the overall success of the team.”

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