Why SLT? Can Fan Demand Elevate A Sport?

“SLT is a short course, multi-athlete format that is punchy and exciting. It’s a great day out, great for TV and great for the growth of the sport in general. I mean – let’s face it – watching full distance racing is just so boring isn’t it?”

Graham Carr – Triathlon Fan & Age Group Triathlete

“I had no idea what to expect going in having never watched triathlon before or even considered it a spectator sport – what I saw blew me away, what a weekend of racing! I’ll be back next year!”

Robert Hayward – Jersey Resident & Triathlon Newbie

“This is what triathlon fans have been crying out for, there is so much interest, verging on obsession, in the sport and we just needed an exciting new format that’s made for TV. Super League Triathlon is perfect for today’s audience and will reignite the excitement in the sport as it’s so spectator friendly!”

Lucy Richardson – Triathlon Fan & Age Group Triathlete

Triathlon has the perfect audience, a huge range of different demographics all with one thing in common – the love of the sport. The issue up to now has been giving that audience something they’ve been crying out for. Crying out for a format designed with them in mind that doesn’t just disappear into the distance and return a few hours later. Crying out for mixed racing over interesting courses that puts athletes on the limit of their abilities. Crying out for heroes and villains to follow and a season long narrative that laces it all together.

Well Super League Triathlon is here, so hold on tight!

The modern entertainment world doesn’t want hours and hours of long course racing with athletes separated across large courses, it doesn’t want races being won by large margins with athletes just repeating the same format over and over.

It’s 2018 and we demand more from our sporting entertainment, we demand tactical racing that shows off the qualities of the athletes across all of the disciplines! We demand to level the playing field and let those with true strength, power and finesse rise to the top! We demand to see our sporting heroes give everything, leaving nothing in reserve to reach for the title!

Super League Triathlon provides all of this, and it has activated the dormant triathlon audience like never before. The pilot event last year was the most watched triathlon event of all time and the crowds on Jersey were something to behold.

“I’ve been a fan of triathlon since before I can remember but I have never seen an event like this, I have never seen such a festival of triathlon galvanise an audience and captivate spectators on this level”

Helen Findlay – Triathlon Fan & Age Group Triathlete

Not only is Super League activating an existing audience but it’s also drawing in a new crowd – people with a love of sport and a love of watching the best athletes shine on the big stage. It is opening up the sport to a new generation of fans, which will help it go from strength to strength.

“I didn’t know triathlon could be so exciting – until Jersey I’d thought it was more of a participation sport and not really for the spectators. Watching Super League in Jersey changed all that”

Robert Hayward – Jersey Resident & Triathlon Newbie

Why Super League Triathlon? – Because the sport needed it, the athletes needed it, the fans needed it, and even though you didn’t know it, you needed it! Come along for the ride – it’s going to be epic!

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