Super League Triathlon: Can An Idea Change A Sport?

“If you’re not moving forwards, if you’re not pushing the envelope or testing what is possible then in reality you’re not just standing still – you’re sliding backwards”

Michael Dhulst – Co-Founder & CEO at Super League Triathlon

“Speed is youth, long distance racing is for retired people with time on their hands – if you want excitement, if you want the best athletes in the world pushing themselves beyond what any of us think possible then you have to move away from long distance and think differently”

Chris “Macca” McCormack – Co-Founder & Vice Chairman at Super League Triathlon

“Having competed in many races and always crossed the finishing line you build up a certain resilience. Once you’ve pushed through these barriers it’s possible to transfer this mindset into the business world. Hours and hours of training to hit goals in races is just like identifying objectives in business and applying the steadfast determination to succeed”

Leonid Boguslavsky – Co-Founder & Chairman at Super League Triathlon

“Triathlon is the most demanding sport on the planet with athletes competing at the highest level over multiple distances. Participation levels are growing year on year and the global interest in the sport is expanding but what do you really have if no one is watching?

Well – if you’re one of three individuals with the perfect storm of racing experience, triathlon obsession, business acumen and drive to push the sport forward into a new stratosphere – then you have an opportunity.”

Four times World Champion Chris “Macca” McCormack, alongside Michael Dhulst and Leonid Boguslavsky have exactly that mix and more – they saw the issues triathlon has as a spectator sport and used that knowledge to identify the potential. Based on years of shared experience in a wide range of fields they have brought together the perfect mix and formed the genesis of an idea from which Super League Triathlon was born!

“If you compete in long distance triathlon you might, just might sit down and watch a race, or a highlights package but in reality to grow the sport and the investment on a global scale then you need to cut through all the BS and reach a new audience”


Super League Triathlon’s pilot weekend was the most viewed triathlon event of all time and from there the series is growing, and growing fast. The dynamic, fast paced and unique racing is drawing in a new audience alongside the existing triathlon base, and showing that the world’s greatest triathletes are the world’s greatest athletes!

Macca, Michael and Leonid knew that all these athletes needed was a platform on which to showcase their talent in a format that would satisfy the existing audience and draw in a new sport-hungry following.

This is just the start – triathlon is no longer a sport followed only by those who compete, it is now a sport accessible to all with a series that pushes the boundaries of entertainment and gets you closer to the action than ever before.

Why Super League Triathlon? – Because the sport needed it, the athletes needed it, the fans needed it, and even though you didn’t know it, you needed it! Come along for the ride – it’s going to be epic!

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