Let The Battle For Super League Triathlon Qualification Commence

Poland Will Award The First Golden Tickets In This Month’s SLT Qualifiers

Super League Triathlon (SLT) – the new fast-paced innovative professional triathlon league – will kick off next week in Poznan, Poland, as the first of two SLT Qualifier events (29th June – 1st July).

The only SLT Qualifier held in Europe, Poznan will be the culmination point of a three-day triathlon festival, which will also include mass participation events including a relay race, kids duathlon, a women’s run and much more. The Qualifier races, Age Group events and festival attractions will set the tone for what will be a highly addictive and exciting season for both athletes and sports fans across the globe.

In this Qualifier event, pro athletes have the chance to fight for one of ten ‘Golden Ticket’ spots that will take them to the Championship Series, where the top 50 male and female triathletes in the world will compete to find out who is the most dynamic and versatile triathlete of all.

SLT: The Innovative Take On Triathlon

The first ‘Golden Ticket’ opportunity to compete in the Championship Series will see the return of the Triple Mix and Eliminator rounds across consecutive days.

The Triple Mix consists of a 3x400m swim, a 6km cycle and a 2.4km run; but to really test the athletes’ versatility and ability to adapt, transfer and recover, the order of the disciplines in each stage will be shuffled. The race format will look like this:

  • Stage 1 – Swim, Bike, Run (10 minute break)
  • Stage 2 – Run, Bike, Swim (10 minute break)
  • Stage 3 – Bike, Swim, Run

On the following day there will be an Eliminator race, which consists of a 400m swim, a 6km cycle and a 2.4km run once again. This is repeated three times with only a 10 minute break between each stage. The race format will look like this:

  • Stage 1 – Swim, Bike, Run (10 minute break)
  • Stage 2 – Swim, Bike, Run (10 minute break)
  • Stage 3 – Swim, Bike, Run

Only the top 15 finishers of Stage 1 proceed to Stage 2, and only the top 10 finishers of Stage 2 will have the chance to compete in the final stage of the Eliminators, forcing the athletes to give their best performance after the exhausting rivalry the day before.

Points will be allocated across the two days and an overall classification will be formed for both female and male athletes. The top 5 in both men’s and women’s races will be awarded a Golden Ticket and automatic entry into the Super League Triathlon Championship Series.

In addition to the Qualifiers, there will be various mass participation events with a range of Age Group categories to choose from, for budding amateur triathletes wanting to test their skills on the professional course and participate at the same event as their idols.

The Triathlon Festival And Inspiring Women In The Sport

To celebrate Poznan as the starting point of the SLT 2018-19 season, there will be a multi-sport festival with lots of interactive events and attractions for the fans and families of participants. Beyond the professional SLT qualification races, mass-participation single and relay triathlon races, there will be the Police National Championships, Kids Duathlon and the 5.4km Semilac Women’s Run.

The Semilac Women’s Run is part of a bigger female-focussed project entitled ‘Women Are Worth Their Weight In Gold’. It is the first project of its kind, set to support, encourage and mark the presence of women in triathlon. Pioneered by training and diet brand i-Sport, the project offers a platform via social media for women in triathlon to support one another and gain insights and knowledge about training and racing, as well as gaining inspiration and motivation from the best female triathletes in the world.

Katie Zaferes, Super League Triathlon 2017-18 Champion, said: 

“It means so much to inspire other girls to follow their dreams. There are so many strong, kind and inspiring women who have really paved the way for me and guided me not only through this triathlon journey but life in general. To be one of those people for fellow girls and women is such an honour and something that I take very seriously.”

The high point of the project will be the dedicated ‘Golden Wave’ – a symbolic celebration of the presence of women in triathlon.

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