Youth & Junior – The Start Of The Journey

“The supportive environment that surrounded us was incredible to experience. It gave me a taste of what it could be like as a pro triathlete which was so inspiring” – Morgan Gallimore (Junior Athlete – Great Britain)

The 2018/19 season saw massive success for the Youth & Junior categories at both the Jersey and Singapore events. Athletes came from far and wide to take part in the Championship Weekends, flying in from Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Jersey, The Netherlands, and Portugal!

“Compared to all the other races I have competed in during my career, the weekend was much more thoughtful and well organised. We did not have to worry about anything, and it made us feel like professional athletes” – Helene Gessner (Junior Athlete – Germany)

As a Youth & Junior athlete, your formative experiences in the sport can set you on a path towards the highest levels of competition. Here at Super League Triathlon, we are determined to give those first steps traction and give all of our younger stars not only a race weekend to remember, but also an expanding skill set to propel them forward.

“The most valuable thing that I learned from racing Super League is never to give up. There were points in the race where I was worried that I wasn’t going to perform well, but I gave everything I had, and I ended up winning!” – Marcus Day (Junior Athlete – Great Britain)

In 2019/20 we are blowing the doors off and will be looking to spread the net even further – we are expanding our Youth & Junior racing to be included in the Jersey (28-29 September 2019), Malta (19-20 October 2019), and Singapore (date TBC) events!

This offers a unique chance for young athletes coming through to interact with, learn from, and be influenced by the top professionals.

Most excitingly of all, this coming season sees an opportunity like no other! The top two junior athletes in Jersey and Malta will automatically qualify for wild card entry into the first 2020 Championship Weekend!

“I want to become a professional athlete, so why not learn from the best? They all started somewhere, and now they’re the best in the world! Their development inspires me, and the opportunity to get a wild card for the 2020 series and learn from them would be incredible!” – Franca Henseleit (Youth Athlete – Germany)

We are committed to growing the sport of triathlon, and the future rests with your generation and the talents you possess. Click here for more information on our lineup of events and details of how to register!

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