Triathlon Star Joshua Lewis Commits To Big Total In Support Of Community Challenge

Joshua Lewis Super League Triathlon

Ravenscroft ambassador Joshua Lewis is ready to lead the way in the RBC SLT Community Challenge after pledging to cover 1,500km.

The Guernsey triathlete, who raced at RBC Super League Triathlon Jersey 2019, is backing not only the Challenge but also Ravencroft’s Go The Extra Mile campaign, which showcases athletes pushing the boundaries to help hit the new 100,000km target by September 20 and trigger RBC’s doubled £40,000 donation to Mind Jersey. Josh was speaking to us before RBC announced that they will trigger an additional £20,000 donation to Mind Jersey, making it a £40,000 in total if Jersey hits the 100,000km mark.

Lewis said:

I am going to take part and I am going to commit 1,500km over the 20 days that it will be run over. That’s roughly for me about 500km per week which can be done as swim, bike or run.

I will probably accumulate most of the hours on the bike and hopefully it will help to hit the 20,000km mark and it will mean RBC donating £20,000 to Mind Jersey.

I will do some mini challenges along the way and will challenge everybody else to beat me in accumulating the kilometers whether that be over a weekend or a single ride so we can see how you get on in comparison.

Lewis has been backed by Ravenscroft for several years and was only too willing to help them contribute to the total and the valuable fundraising.

He said:

I want people to take part and do their bit. I have been drafted in by Ravenscroft as their ambassador. I am very privileged to be supported by Ravenscroft and they have done that for the past few years which has enabled me to keep doing what I am doing.

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