Michelle Swimming Her Way To Success To Support Mind Jersey

Michelle Parker RBC SLT Community Challenge

Michelle Parker is proving it is possible to have a big impact on the RBC SLT Community Challenge simply by swimming.

Having built up an enviable reserve of fitness after completing a relay swim around the coast of Jersey, Michelle has decided to put her strength to good use and produce some serious mileage as part of the attempt to collectively hit 100,000km of swim, bike, run or walk to trigger RBC’s £40,000 donation to Mind Jersey.

When the last set of officially verified leaderboards were published last Friday night, Michelle had already amassed almost 20km of swimming alone. Her amazing efforts have seen her scoop a prize as part of Ravenscroft’s Go The Extra Mile campaign, which celebrates the unsung heroes of the Challenge.

Michelle said:

At the beginning of August I took part in a two-person relay swim around Jersey. Once that challenge was over I felt flat and I didn’t know where to focus my training so I decided to join the Community Challenge.

I swim every morning and I run and walk as much as I can and that’s what makes this Challenge great, that it’s available for all ages and for all disciplines, whether you want to walk, run, bike or swim.

Being active and moving is so important for our mental and physical health and that makes this Challenge great. Being able to be a part of potentially being able to make £40,000 for Mind Jersey makes it all worthwhile.

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