Triathlon: A Sport for Family and Friends

We all feel like we just need a bit more time with the loved ones, right? How about triathlon?

Juggling the demands and expectations of work, life, family and friends can be challenging. Involving your family and friends with the things you love will not only add quality to the time spent together, it will create adventurous and fun experiences for a lifetime.

Making more time for friends and family with busy lives, it’s not always easy to fulfil. One way around this is to involve yourself, your friends and family in triathlon. Once you become invested as a team, you will support each other along the way with enthusiasm, argue less and get in shape while training for the race.

Here are some bonding ideas for you and your loved ones:

No-babysitter Goals

Some of our triathlon races have been designed and developed specifically for the kids. This way the every family member can participate, whether it’s a 5k fun run or a kid’s triathlon.

Sign up to an event that offers various race options so the youngest members of your family can get involved too. You can train and celebrate each other’s achievements together.

This is the ultimate family bonding time!

Vacation goals


We all need some downtime. So what better way to do a triathlon race than to combine it with a holiday?

Get the whole family involved by bringing them along to the race event. Especially if it’s an unusual or exotic location like Bali!

It’s a win-win for everybody. You get to do your triathlon race with your very own personal support crew, and you and your family can all kick back and enjoy a holiday afterwards.

Friendship Goals


You know what it’s like when you get together with friends. Sure, you have fun, but there’s always that element of competitiveness. A great way to achieve your friendship goals while having a LOT of fun is to commit to a triathlon race with friends as part of a team.

You can all get competitive with your training leading into the race, but on race day, it will be the ultimate feeling of ‘togetherness’ that you’ll experience being part of a team.

That finish line feeling is even more special when shared with your friends.

Teamwork makes the dreamwork


Even training together can be a lot more rewarding than doing all your sessions alone in your ‘pain cave’. Time always goes quicker during harder sessions or on those cold winter days.

Plus, you will have the perfect excuse to have a post-training reward; whether it’s coffee, lunch or even a beer! It sure is a good way to spend more time with your friends while getting some all-important training in.

This ultimate bonding time is great for your health, your body, and your soul.

So this year can be the year you have it all. You can achieve your goal of spend more time with your friends and family, become a triathlete, and who knows… you all might just get hooked on it too!

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