Super League Malta Aquathlon – Presented By Garmin

Super League Triathlon (SLT) is built around a solid foundation of engagement and participation. There is nothing we like more than giving all comers an opportunity to take part in one of our events, building community spirit, and growing the sport beyond the professional ranks.

With this in mind, we held an Aquathlon presented by Garmin, and both the women’s and men’s field were filled from top to bottom with local athletes. The race comprised a 300m swim followed by a 4km run – so some short and sharp racing was there! But as always with SLT, it was fully supported throughout. The format was ideal for those dipping their toes into the multi sport world for the first time, as it removed any anxiety over the bike section.

Cyprian Dalli, President of Triathlon Malta National Federation, was on hand to see some of his athletes take on the challenge and was full of praise for the event.

“I think it was very good, it had more than double the amount of participants any event like this on Malta is used to. We had kids from 5 years up to 65 I think was the oldest, so that’s very very good. It was incredibly well organised and we are using it as a promotion of triathlon and multisport so more people will come and try triathlon here in Malta. Our Federation was established in 1986 which was one of the first in Europe – it’s growing slowly but steadily and enjoying the journey. We currently have about 180 members in all, we have quite a good standard of athletes coming up and we have our own academy. For us it is a dream come true to see all these stars over here and getting to see Malta broadcast across the globe. This is a step forward for us – to have triathlon established in this manner.”

With multiple age groups across the race, both the the women’s and men’s senior races were won by strong local athletes – Margret Seguna took out the women’s with Shaun Galea winning the men’s. An example of exactly what Cyprian was saying about the growth of the sport within the country. The SLT Aquathlon presented by Garmin will only aid in this process as it encouraged participation followed by those participants staying on to watch the professional racing in the afternoon.

Races like this which welcome young and old can light a fire within a sporting community and entice new participants alongside seasoned competitors. SLT is incredibly proud to have hosted this event and would like to thank all those who took part.

Currently, it is a priority for the Government of Malta to ensure that health, wellbeing and fitness is brought to the top of the national agenda. We are overjoyed to be a partner on this mission and look forward to growing our events alongside Malta’s progress towards a more sporting future.

Tomorrow we see the SLT Fun Run presented by Nike which will see the local community come together to run 5km! Created for islanders of all ages and abilities, participants will run 3 loops on the same run course as the Pros, allowing them to experience the technical course. Most importantly, it is to bring the fun element to every single participant!

If you were a participant, check out your full race results HERE!

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