A Family Bond Like No Other: Lucy & Emma Pallot

Triathlon is often caricatured as a lonely sport, but Super League is proving that it can bring families closer together.

Mother and daughter combination Emma and Lucy Pallot have developed a new “team us” bond over training and racing after first competing together in RBC Super League Triathlon Jersey last year.

Now they have their sights set on again competing as Age Groupers in the 2019 event, which takes place on their native Channel Island on the weekend of September 28-29.

“Doing an event like this with a family member was an incredible experience for both of us,” explained Emma, who came from a running background but found triathlon following a water-skiing injury.

“We often refer to it as ‘team us’ – meaning without each other it wouldn’t be possible.

“Knowing we have the support of other family members also helps because the training is time consuming and can therefore have an impact on family time and social life. Plus, support on the day really helps keep you positive and motivated.”

Lucy, 21, initially showed little interest in joining her mum in her newfound pastime, but one Sunday morning unexpectedly asked to join her for a training swim. After struggling through 300 meters of breaststroke a fire was lit inside Lucy, and that all too familiar feeling for triathletes of a desire to conquer challenges was ignited.

“Taking part in the Super League Enduro was a fantastic opportunity for us to push our boundaries and test our capabilities, having done the Jersey Sprint Triathlon in July of that year,” reflected Lucy.

“The whole weekend is a fantastic event, having spectated the Super League the previous year, we were really keen to compete in the event.

“Watching the professionals racing was a real thrill and the opportunity to race the same course as them was compelling. Doing it together makes it even more special, when you both know how much work you’ve put in after training together, on the day, you can appreciate the wholesome feeling of achievement even more.”

Emma and Lucy are now regular training partners, taking the chance to motivate each other, share experiences, and enjoy the occasional cake stop together on their long rides. But there is nothing quite like that finish line feeling and the buzz that Super League Triathlon brought them.

Emma recalled: “We were both very nervous, wondering if we had over stretched our capabilities with the Enduro, having not done run-swim combinations before, and had been warned that the re-entry into the water without a wetsuit after the first run takes a bit of getting used to.

“The post-race adrenalin high is even more acute with triathlon events, and we were both on such a high when we finished. I particularly was so proud to see how far Lucy had come, her dedication and commitment was awesome, and she showed real courage. She’s learnt lots from the Enduro experience and feels both mentally and physically more prepared for the event this year.”

Emma and Lucy’s story is one that proves yet again that Super League Triathlon is not just about the Pros pushing themselves to the limits of swim-bike-run but welcoming for people of all experience levels and abilities.

And setting it as a goal to achieve alongside a friend, family member or loved one makes it an even more incredible journey.

“Sharing experiences definitely deepens the bond and inevitably results in shared emotions,” said Lucy.

“Understanding how each other is feeling, because you know the feeling yourself, means you’re more tuned in to each other. Shared interests also means we literally get the opportunity to spend more time together.”

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