How can I watch Super League Triathlon

All Super League Triathlon championship series events are broadcast live on http://www.superleaguetriathlon.com/watchnow. For Super League Jersey racing will also be broadcast live on BBC in the UK, Eurosport in Europe, MatchTV in Russia, Fox Sport in Australia and Asia, Sky NZ, S Sports in India, Supersport in Africa...The broadcast schedule will be available on our social media prior to the Super League Jersey event. Stay up-to-date with all of the action on the Super League Triathlon Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube pages.

Can I race as an age group athlete?

While the Super League Triathlon championship series is spearheaded by the world’s best triathletes, age group athletes will also have the chance to race in Super League Triathlon from 2018 onwards. With multiple event destinations set to be announced across the Asia-Pacific and Gulf regions, age group athletes will be able to race the Super League Triathlon at Super League Triathlon events. Super League Triathlon events will also feature participation opportunities for all with junior events, fun runs and health and lifestyle events as part of the event weekend, inspiring new generations to take up the sport. At Super League Triathlon Jersey we are proud to launch The Corporate Mix. To learn more go to www.superleaguetriathlon.com/corporatemix.

Where are the other Super League Triathlon events?

Super League Triathlon is a series of events where the athletes compete for the season win and a bonus pool. Our first season is all about building out the calendar and after the first season events will take place in some of the most incredible locations across the globe. Click  here  to know more

Can I come and watch Super League Triathlon events?

Yes, Super League Triathlon events are open to spectators.www.hamiltonisland.com.au.

What are the Official Rules of Super League Triathlon?

The Official Rules and Regulations of Super League Triathlon are available here.

Do I have to be a subscriber to watch the Live stream coverage of Super League Hamilton Island on the Super League Triathlon website?

No, anyone can access the live coverage of Super League Triathlon and watch the world’s best triathletes in action. There is no subscription fee to watch live coverage on the Super League Triathlon website. To watch the live stream coverage click on the LIVE link at the top menu bar of the Super League Triathlon website. This link will be visible on race days.