20.10 2019

Age Group Enduro Aquathlon | Individual / Relay

Birgu & Bormla, Malta | Age Group

Disciplines & Distances

swim 300m

run 2km | 2.5km

One athlete completes all disciplines

Relay | Team of 2

swim 300m

run 2km | 2.5km

Each athlete completes 1 discipline x2, or 1 sequence each.

An aquathlon is known as a multi-sport race. It consists of continuous run and swim disciplines. You will complete a swim discipline immediately followed by a run disciplines over set distances. Ever did two Aquathlons back to back? Now’s your chance! A Swim-Run-Swim-Run back to back, we’ve created a unique and exciting experience for Age Groupers of all levels to experience. Sign up yourself, or in a team of 2 to tackle the race together.

Available options for Aquathlon Relay:

Option 1: Member 1 swim-run | Member 2 swim-run
Option 2: Member 1 swim 2x | Member 2 run 2x

Note that the first run is 2km, and the second run is 2.5km!

*For updates and last minute changes visit Race Updates.



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