21 Nov 2020

Super Sprint Triathlon for Teenagers

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21 November 2020

Salinas, Ecuador

    Start your teenage years with a blast. Challenge yourself to race in the Super League Super Sprint Triathlon for teenagers in Salinas!

    Age: 14-15 | Born in : 2005 – 2006

    For more information, please visit Super League Salinas

    Sprint Individual

    By choosing the Sprint Triathlon, you are committing to an exciting challenge by putting your skills in all 3 disciplines to test. The race will be a very fast swim - bike - run.

    The athlete who wins this format has navigated qualification, tactics and endurance better than any other athlete. This is a true test of survival.

    The winner of the Sprint will prove as the most dexterous triathlete, boasting a tactful attentiveness to the individual disciplines with a dash of luck.

    *For updates and last minute changes visit Race Updates.

    Disciplines & Distances
    swim 300m
    bike 10km
    run 2.5km

    One athlete completes all disciplines



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