Youth & Junior Boys – Enduro Race

Ottawa, Canada | Juniors


The best up and comers in the region come down for the most unforgettable race they’ve ever been a part of. Think you have what it takes as a youth triathlete? Sign up now for the Enduro Race in Ottawa, Canada and take part in the format that has the entire triathlon world excited!

The Enduro is considered the most brutal format of all. Requiring endurance and tactics, The Enduro is a non-stop burst of swim-bike-run-swim-bike-run-swim-bike-run without any break. The added element of speed is tied into the race demands of The Enduro, with the two slowest athletes at the end of each discipline being eliminated immediately. The winner is the first athlete across the finish line upon completion of the entire race sequence.


300m Swim – 4km Bike – 1.6km-300m Swim – 4km Bike – 1.6km

Age Ranges
Youths 14-15 years old
Juniors 16-19 years old

*Flag-off is at the same time for Youths & Juniors

*For race updates and last minute changes prior or during the race, visit Race Updates.


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