Youth Boys – Eliminator Race

Youth & Junior Boys – Eliminator Race – a race that showcases the best of young local talent from around the region. The Eliminator tests the resilience, stamina and velocity of the athletes in a pressure-cooker format where field position proves key over timing. Athletes must finish high enough to not be eliminated whilst managing their effort against fatigue. Two stages of traditional swim-bike-run whereby athletes need to hold their ground and watch their backs in each stage to be eventually crowned as the most tenacious and tough athlete on the Super League Youth & Junior Circuit.

The field will be cut in half after the first Swim-Bike-Run Sequence, and the remaining competitors will go head to head in an epic sprint to the finish!

Contact your National Federation to find out how to qualify for a chance to represent your country.

Details Junior & Youth

4 August 2019

Ottawa, c


up to 20%
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