19 Sep 2020

Junior Enduro

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junior individual girls
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19 September 2020

St Helier, Jersey

    A race that showcases the best male and female junior talent from around Europe. The junior boys and girls will experience one of the toughest formats that Super League offers – the ENDURO. The ENDURO is considered the most brutal format of all. Requiring endurance and tactics the ENDURO is a non-stop burst of swim – bike – run – swim – bike – run. This will be an elimination race. The winner is the first across the line!

    Junior Age Eligibility : born in 2001-2002

    Enduro Individual

    Enduro is for the athletes who truly want to put themselves to test. The Enduro is the speed in all disciplines to remain in the racing, and the ENDURance to hold and win the race itself. Athletes competing in the individual Enduro race will complete a swim-bike-run twice.

    Contact your National Federation to find out how to qualify for a chance to represent your country.

    *For updates and last minute changes visit Race Updates.

    Disciplines & Distances
    swim 300m
    bike 3km
    run 2km

    One athlete completes all disciplines


    Youth & Juniors


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