Team Enduro (Relay Enduro) | Day 2 | 24.2.19

The Team Enduro Experience at ONE°15 Marina and Sentosa Cove kicked off in style this afternoon. Today’s race consisted of SWIM-BIKE-RUN-SWIM-BIKE-RUN-SWIM-BIKE-RUN with teams of three completing the race as a relay. Each team member undertook one discipline before handing off to another.

For today’s showdown, we had 24 teams competing. We were also lucky enough to have Grace Fu, Minister for Culture, Community and Youth, representing SportCares and racing alongside some of the children they support.

The racing kicked off at 13:00, under the sweltering early afternoon sun, and it was frantic from the outset. Yesterday’s winners, Team APS, were looking to repeat their victory and seal their place as the overall winners of the weekend’s Team Enduro. They would have fierce competition from Tanglin Trust School Team 1 and New Moon KH Cycle #2, amongst other highly competitive racers.

“We were expecting it to be harder today, going back to back with no break. I had nothing left at the end.” Colin O’Shea – Team APS

The teams at the pointy end had refined their tactics after yesterday’s event, so they knew where to apply the pressure. As with all SLT racing, there was no let-up, and we had a lot of very tired, but excited people crossing the finish line to receive their medals.

Team APS took the lead early and held it from start to finish. A brilliant display of endurance, power, and resilience by the three athletes.

“Today was much tougher than yesterday because there were some specialists in each discipline. We were worried the age gap might make a difference, but we held on!” Timothy Cosulich – Team APS

In second place we had Team New Moon KH Cycle #2 followed closely by Tanglin Trust School Team 1.

Despite being two separate events over two days, it is clear the Team APS has more than earned recognition as Team Enduro champions!

Further down the field, there were so many happy faces as competitors completed their race hand in hand with their teammates.

Lucy Richardson from Team MX Endurance had made a special trip from the UK to be here for this event. She had a special message for anyone thinking about attending a Super League weekend.

“If you have a chance to go, just do it. This is the best racing ever! Everything about it is so exciting; the experience you get, the people you meet, and being so close to the pros. You’ll remember it forever.”

Team Enduro (Relay Enduro) Results:

  1. APS (Colin O’Shea, Assad Attamimi, and Tim Cosulich)
  2. New Moon KH Cycle #2 (Dwayne Stewart, James Middleditch, and Joshua Li)
  3. Tanglin Trust School Team 1 (Andrew Hayley, Chris Rawlings, and Dean Scott
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