Jersey Businesses Come Together For Super League’s Corporate Team Enduro

The weather was windy in Jersey but the athletes didn’t let that put a damper on their day as businesses came together for Super League’s Corporate Team Enduro in partnership with Mourant.

Braving the conditions, teams from RBC, Mourant, Ravenscroft, Phoenix, Calligo and Comprop rose to the challenge and took on the course and format that the professional refer to as ‘The Hunger Games’ of triathlon.

The final results were split between teams that comprised of employees only and those made up of clients and friends.

Mourant also offered an additional prize for the first mixed-gender team over the line to encourage mixed team participation as part of the companies ongoing focus on fostering inclusion in the community and the workplace.

Results for the mixed-gender team showed Mourant winning their own category, so they sportingly passed their winning prize to the runners up Ravenscroft Titans:

  1. Mourant Mix 1
  2. Ravenscroft Titans
  3. Comprop Tri Beans
  4. Comprop Sneaky Puff Adders
  5. RBC It’s all about the chip

The family rivalry between Fintan Kennedy and son Jack showed that youth in this instance had the edge with Jack’s team crossing the line just over a minute faster than his father’s.  This was despite Jack sporting a few injuries following a tumble from his bike during the Youth Boys Enduro earlier that morning.

The Phoenix team also put on an impressive show despite one team member having to drop out at the last minute. It wasn’t all bad news though as Chris McCormack, four-time triathlon world champion and Super League Triathlon founder, was replaced by Great Britain Olympic triathlete Stuart Hayes.


Team: Mourant Mix 1

  1. Ellie Mulligan (swim)
  2. Jon Woolrich (Captain & bike)
  3. Alex Skudder (run)


Team: Mourant Mix 2

  1. Alex Henderson (swim)
  2. Christo van der Spuy (bike)
  3. Emma Pallot (Captain & run)


Team: Team Calligo

  1. Hayden Rouille (swim)
  2. Alex Wackett (swim)
  3. Richard Pitman (bike)
  4. Adam Ryan (bike)
  5. Julian Box (Captain & swim)
  6. Mark Herridge (run)


Team: Ravenscroft Centurions

  1. Angela Samson (swim)
  2. Katrina Bray (swim)
  3. Tom Nuth (bike)
  4. Louise Bracken-Smith (bike)
  5. Alex Knowelden (run)
  6. Patrick McConnell (Captain & run)


Team: Ravenscroft Titans

  1. Issy Morris (swim & run)
  2. Andrea Nightingale (Captain & bike)
  3. Jack Kennedy (run)


Team: Phoenix Team

  1. Sebastian Kulczyk (bike)
  2. Stuart Hayes (Captain, swim & Run)
  3. Wojtek Kruczynski (run)


Team: Sneaky Puff Adders

  1. Nick Saunders (swim)
  2. Della Roderick (Captain & swim)
  3. Jo Gorrod (bike)
  4. Chris Stephens (bike)
  5. Nick Gorrod (run)
  6. Katie Silva (run)


Team: Tri Beans

  1. Richard Tanguy (swim)
  2. Richard Worth (Captain & swim)
  3. Fintan Kennedy (bike)
  4. Kirstie Clutton (bike)
  5. Brian Kennedy (run)
  6. Simon Roderick (run)


Team: It’s all about the ‘chip’

  1. Adam (Captain & swim)
  2. Rebecca (swim)
  3. Louise (bike)
  4. Paul (bike)
  5. Lee (run)
  6. Phil (run)


Team: RBC SuperTri Gods & Goddesses

  1. Lyndsay Fell (swim)
  2. Allison Livesey (swim)
  3. Ritchie Dickinson (bike)
  4. Linda Power (bike), Mark Beer (run)
  5. Dan Ellis (Captain & run)


Team: 3 Fast 3 Furious

  1. Alastair Whitfield (swim)
  2. Clare Stone (Captain & swim)
  3. Chris Matthews (bike)
  4. Ilze Eglite (bike)
  5. Stuart Mauger (run)
  6. Katie Maguire (run)

The results for the employees only teams:

  1. Mourant Mix 1
  2. Mourant Mix 2
  3. Ravencroft Centurions
  4. RBC SuperTri Gods & Goddesses
  5. Team Calligo
  6. RBC 3 Fast 3 Furious

The results for the clients and friends teams:

  1. Ravenscroft Titans
  2. Comprop Tri Beans
  3. Phoenix
  4. Comprop Sneaky Puff Adders
  5. RBC It’s all about the chip
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