British Stars Inspire Jersey Business

Super League Triathlon landed back in Jersey with two stars in tow to lead a very special bike and run.

Olympic hopeful Georgia Taylor-Brown and fellow British athlete Chris Perham continued Super League’s deep relationship with Jersey by flying in to help with some cold weather training as well as tips and advice for the lucky participants.

The duo hosted a group of keen amateurs from various businesses across the island as part of the tie-up with Super League’s Corporate Team Enduro in partnership with Mourant.

There was plenty of time for chat and motivation as Taylor-Brown and Perham gave expert hints as well as answering questions about triathlon, their lives and anything else that cropped up in conversation.

Taylor-Brown smiled:

“I really enjoyed it. We went for a ride and it was good to take it in turns to chat to each other. It was nice to get to know each other. They were asking me questions which I love because I can give them a bit of advice as it can be nervous going into races.
“After the ride we came back to the hotel and had a more casual chat.
“Super League is very different to the other racing I do like World Series. That is very focussed on just what you do. You go to your hotel, you get prepared for the race and then you go home.
“I like with Super League that we get involved with the community and we are just able to chat to people generally and sit down and speak to them and give them advice.
“I love to make office visits, one year I did a beach clean-up. It’s nice to come to a place and get to know it.
“I have got to know Jersey more than any other place I have been before and spent a lot of time with the locals and they enjoy it. I really like coming here and spending time here.”

The Island is waiting for an official announcement on Super League’s potential return to Jersey in 2020 but the opportunity to continue to inspire a fit and active lifestyle continues.

Perham added:

“I was on the run route and we did about 8k at a nice social pace and chatting. We did some run drills and strides and I was able to give some pointers and tips.
“It was nice to speak to people who are interested in running and triathlon and talk to them about Super League.
“It’s one of the vital parts. At other events you turn up for maybe 48 hours, you do the race and go again and it doesn’t leave a legacy behind which isn’t good for the long term of the sport or the hosts.
“To get into the community and inspire others to come down and watch or hopefully take part is really good to help it keep coming back and by doing that it will mean there is more support year on year and more people getting behind it.
“That means more people cheering on the the races and the athletes contributing to that by promoting the sport and giving something back which is good for the long term ambitions of returning to these locations like Jersey.”

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